Extraordinary Act on LEC Charity Community! An Act by a VC?

Aug 13, 2021 at 09:15 // News
Guest Author
LEC to become a star project!

There was an extraordinary proposal being raised by a tycoon on the voting page of the world’s 1st decentralized charity project, LEC (Love Earth Coin).


This is not a vote! 

We are going to buy LEC! 

We are a VC that specializes in investing in new concept blockchains. Starting fromAugust 13th, we will buy LEC everyday for 20 consecutive days! 

Please contact us if you are holding more than 1 million LEC, we are interested to buy the LEC in your hands, and we will also buy it on the exchange platform! 

Contact: vcfundme@hotmail.com

Starting on the 16th, we will burn 10 millions LEC (donating to the charity fund pool) everyday, and 150 million LEC will be burned for 15 consecutive days!

Later on, we will promote LEC to become a star project! 

In the end, our company will hold 10 millions LEC for a long term, and witness the miracle with you!” 

lec_circuit (1).jpg

Hash on ERC20 

0xfa96e70d0fee33688a88642518803156777b2cc9e58b472b1aa88267696ebac0 That proposal didn’t asking for a vote, and not asking for any donation. 

The proposer named itself as “A VC (Venture Capital) that specializes in investing in new concept blockchains” It looks like it is a “Statement” from a crypto tycoon. 

With refer to the proposal publisher’s wallet address 

(0x17570f4936Cd9f05c6f7Bcbe6f5cb68D5D259BE8), it was found that, this proposer is holding a huge amount of USDT, that is, a crypto tycoon. 

With many years of experience in crypto, the author of this article has never seen such a practice in the crypto world in such an extraordinary way. Buy a huge amount from the public, and then burn them! 


It seems that a tycoon is going to enter the LEC market. As to do so, the tycoon is going to reach some consensus with early participants of the LEC community, or some majority holders. 

By burning a huge amount of tokens, this will lead to a huge deduction in the liquidity of LEC, by nearly 40%. And also, a huge deduction in the number of majority holders, accelerate the process of de-oligarchy. 

The proposer of that proposal has disclosed his or her email and wallet address. Whether this operation will have an impact on the price of LEC, we will continue to observe!

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