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Mar 29, 2017 at 11:01 // KCN Videos
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Blokchain to improve the energy market in Austria

The largest energy supplier in Austria is interested in blockchain. Wien Energie plans to introduce technology in the future business models of the company. The project will be developed in partnership with the marketing firm BTL Group and the Austrian division of the British audit and consulting company E & Y. Michael Strebl, CEO of Wien Energie noted: «A wide-scale rollout will certainly give rise to completely new market opportunities in terms of services and applications offered by energy providers»

Iranian Stock Investment for Bitcoin

Swedish company offers Iranian Stock to invest in it. Brave New World Investments AB, a new firm registered in Sweden, is now looking for angel investors prepared to buy the company’s shares. Brave New World is the first known company in Sweden to incorporate without a bank account and handled all the initial funding in bitcoin. Mikael Johansson, founder of the company, commented to: “We side-stepped the Swedish ban king system and funded it on the blockchain – which the Swedish company registration accepted – after many meetings. We simply do not have a Swedish bank account however we will soon have an Iranian bank account for the equity investments. We pay our bills, shareholder dividends, Iran deposits – everything – in cryptocurrencies”.

Crypto exchange "BATS" apply for an appeal

"Bats" plan to appeal against the decision of the Securities Еxchange Commission. Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, which is a part of the "Bets Global Market" company, was denied in issuing a permission to trade shares from the American Securities and Exchange Commission. The reason for the refusal was that the online exchanges, that operate with digital currencies, are not regulated and vulnerable to scammers. Despite the fact that company is going to appeal the decision, there are no guarantees that commission's verdict will change in a positive side for the fund.

STORJ switches to smart contracts

Changing the platform. STORJ is leaving Counterparty to work on Ethereum. It was announced by Sean Wilkinson, CEO of STORJ. In his opinion, smart contracts will ensure establishing a strong decentralized storage system. ERC20-tokens are supposed to replace SJCX tokens after migration. A permanent improving of the system and all its components, fast confirmation of transactions and extremely low commission are obvious Ethereum advantages. It was also noted, that switching would be extremely transparent and smooth.

Monero awaits for hardfork

Monero announced the date of the new hardfork. The development team has released a new version of the software. Updating the system will be compulsory before the next hardfork of cryptocurrency, which is assigned for April 15 of 2017. The reason was high adoption the ring confidential transactions’ paces, what led to the necessity of modifying the algorithm for the block size restriction. The new version of the software eliminates several errors and includes a number of new features.

Qtum raises over $15 million in 5 days

Qtum Foundation raised over $15 million in a record five days. The crowdsale, scheduled to last 30 days, ended with the project raising over 11,000 bitcoins and 75,000 ether in exchange for the 51 million Qtum tokens. Instead of sending tokens to a single crowdsale address, Qtum enlisted six cryptocurrency exchanges and crowdfunding portals to conduct the sale in a coordinated fashion. In addition Qtum announced that one of the leading professional service providers, PwC, will support Qtum’s efforts to help fuel blockchain adoption across global business sectors. 

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