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Mar 23, 2017 at 09:33
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Corporative records will be managing on blockchain

Delaware is drafting law to recognize blockchain records. Delaware is coming closer to use blockchain to create and manage corporate records. The Delaware State Bar Association's Corporation Law Section has already released a proposed legislative bill that would establish a legal basis for technology. The Delaware Blockchain Initiative is backed by smart contract startup Symbiont. The Delaware-based firms are supposed to begin to use blockchain to retain corporate records already in 2017.

Oxygen Initiative creates electronic wallets

Blockchain for drivers. Oxygen Initiative, company that works in field of ecotechnologies, getting the U.S. ready to start implementation electronic wallets, which based on blockchain technology. Electric vehicle drivers would be able to undertake easy-to-use payment options such as highway tolls, peer-to-peer roaming and sharing of charging stations. Stephen Davis, founder and CEO of Oxygen Initiative, said: “This could bring the dream of less congestion and pollution, shorter commutes and lower operating costs”.

YES Bank chooses 12 startups for fintech accelerator

KCN Exchange rates

Moscow blockchain hackathon

Blockhain-hackathon in Russia. Moscow will host the Rosbank's Hackathon for independent developers, designers and marketers on March 24-25, 2017. The organizers invite participants to create prototypes of new FinTeсh products during 48 hours. The participants can develop products in the framework of topics such as gaming, artificial intelligence, smart real estate selection or augmented reality. In addition to the prize fund, the winner of the hackathon can work as a partner of RosBank. 

Australian regulator looks into blockchain tech 

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) published a report on the blockchain technology, entitled “Evaluating distributed ledger technology”. It contains certain points that regulator would put forward when checking if the application of blockchain meets necessary requirements. ASIC says that this move was caused by the intense interest shown by financial institutions and fintech firms towards the distributed ledger over the last few years. 

Virus demands ransom in Monero

The first coder which demands a ransom in Monero. The global network has got a new virus-extortionist Kirk, which exploits the popular franchise "Star Trek" and extorts a ransom in the Montero. The Avast anti-virus company’s representative Yakub Krust, who identified the cryptographer, notes that the malware is written in Python and is the first cryptographer who extorts the ransom not in bitcoin. At the moment it is not known exactly how Kirk spreads, but is impossible to decrypt the strucked files. The official decryptor of the virus is called Spock, and hackers wish victims to "live long and prosper".

Adam Davis: $3,000 for Bitcoin by the end of a year

Bitcoin price to hit $3,000 by year’s end. According to Adam Davis, a consultant at Altus Consulting, bitcoin will rapidly grow this year. A rise on this scale would represent a near 150 percent increase from bitcoin's current price of $1,186 at the time of publication, according to CoinMarketCap. In the recent interview for CNBC Davis explains the grounds of his prediction: "People are unsure about what is going on in the world, and digital currencies unlike the U.K. pound sterling have been hit badly because of Brexit, so people are looking to divest into bitcoin. There is a definitely upward trend. So the drivers will be hedging against currency fluctuations and insecurity in the markets." 

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