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Feb 09, 2017 at 16:50 // KCN Videos
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Chinese trader sued OkCoin

Decentralized RaidEX Exchange

Raiden announces new developments. On the 6th of February, 2017, The Raiden Network has published an article on the medium.com providing information about new developments and emphasising the decentralized RaidEX, as being particularly useful for Ethereum ecosystem. In the plans of developers for 2017 - to achieve the task of instant transfers tokens ERC20 that will allow Raiden to process ERC20 tokens using several wallets and exchanges by interacting with other decentralized apps.

Blockchain startup for healthcare

Blockchain startup for healthcare raises almost $2 million. The Hashed Health project was launched last year to stoke interest amongst US healthcare firms in the tech. The startup was supported by investment company Martin Ventures, along with firm Fenbushi Capital and a group of private investors. Charles Martin, chairman and founder of Martin Ventures, noticed: «The healthcare industry must be drastically reformed in order to address problems related to quality, cost and waste.» According to Martin, Hashed Health is poised to drive innovation and collaboration to attract attention to above problems.

Bitfury secures land titles with blockchain in Georgia

Blockchain to secure land titles. The Georgian National Agency of Public Registry has teamed with mining equipment company Bitfury Group to introduce the service for sales and purchases of land titles. The service also allows new land title registration, property demolition and notary services. Georgia’s minister of justice, Tea Tsulukiani, said: "This summer we will be able to run a secure and efficient blockchain system for real estate registration". 

Bitcoin-jimmy in Criminal Hands

The struggle with cybercrimes is in process in Nederlands. Fiscal authorities of this country have discovered criminals who are shielding using “bitcoin mixers”. They stole and laundered crypto-money on bitcoin wallet platforms. A bitcoin mixer is a software for hiding bitcoins’ owners. A software mixes transactions, and, as a result, it is impossible to find real owners. In fact it is a jimmy for burglars of crypto-safes. Rolf Van Wegberg, from the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, who is investigating money laundering through bitcoins, mentioned some of such cyber-gimmies with names like Onion Wallet and BitcoinBoost. He contended that bitcoin mixers are popular amidst users of darknet. 

The Ethereum conference in Paris

The EDCON conference in Paris. The European Ethereum Development Conference will take place at the business school ESCP Europe on 17-18 February 2017. EDCON is organized by computer software company LinkTime with the support of developers from the Ethereum Foundation and community. The conference will cover Ethereum base-layer technology and research, information privacy, Ethereum consortium chain development and Ethereum-based applications. Tickets for the conference are available on edcon.io

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