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Feb 26, 2017 at 09:17
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The new method for tracking criminals

Danish police adopt innovative technologies. The first case of tracking bitcoin transactions of drug dealers is being reported in Denmark. Through the specialized IT-system, Denmark`s police managed to track and arrest drug dealers. System was developed by the employees of the Denmark’s National Cybercrime Center and based on comparing two different types of bitcoin transactions. 22 year old Dane was suspended in purchasing and smuggling 2 kilos of amphetamine, and subsequently sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Development roadmap is hosted on a blockchain

The Safe Exchange Coin will establish а blockchain-platform. On February 14, Safe Exchange Coin published a development roadmap for cryptocoins. It is called Chille Blockchain and is in the testing process today. The full market release of the product is planned for the end of May 2017. The founder of Safe Exchange Coin Daniel Dubek makes sure that every step is announced so that people can have a clear idea of what exactly is going on and what they can expect from their company in the future.

The attack on bitcoin exchange Bitfinex

The Hong-Kong company has undergone the hacker attack. On 21 of February, in the evening, on official twitter Bitfinex has reported about significant defeat by DDoS attacks. Recall that in Bitfinex has become the dominant bitcoin exchange by daily trading volume. The company has taken all steps to identify and block a blow, and an hour later all the systems worked normally. The attack coincides with bitcoin prices reaching some of the highest prices set in its entire history.

Distributed Markets conference in Atlanta

FinTech conference in Atlanta. Meet the new faces of money: on February 27, 2017 in Atlanta, United States will be held the Distributed: Markets conference. The event was organized by BTC Media company. The Distributed:Markets meetings and presentations will take place at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. The agenda of the conference will cover the applications of blockchain payments and financial services industry and provide a blueprint for the case of crisis of FinTech industry. The Distributed:Markets will feature 50-plus speakers during a day of main-stage conversation and track keynote presentations and interviews, roundtables and present the product demos. The tickets are available on distributed.com.

Digitalization of Indian banks

The digitalization of banks in India. The India’s Central Bank made a condition to banks to go digital or become obsolete in FinTech era. According to a report from Indian magazine Bloomberg Quint, Subhash Sheoratan Mundra said that banks and financial technologies companies need to work together to help micro and small enterprises, which now are outside the formal credit system. Subhash Sheoratan Mundra noticed: «I think this segment can benefit immensely from the collaboration between banks and the fintech players». The governor added that by such collaboration both banks and companies can form a basis for working out their credit worthiness.

A global FinTech summit in India

The Global Bitcoin Summit in India. A leading FinTech industry association ASSOCHAM has announced a global summit on bitcoin and blockchain “The State of Cryptocurrency - Opportunities and Challenges for Indian Economy.” It will be held at the Hotel Hyatt Regency, in New Delhi on March 3, 2017. ASSOCHAM had released on its’ website that India is the world’s largest remittance market and there are enormous opportunities for business. The summit will bring together various representatives of government, regulators, exchanges and investors.

Bitcoin’s price hits all-time highs

Bitcoin’s price reached its historical highs. On 24 of February’s night the rates of cryptocurrency reached its maximum $1222 on Bitfinex, with the average price $1220, according to coinmarketcap. At 7:00 Greenwich Mean Time the rates abruptly course dramatically decreased on $100. The market capitalization of bitcoin was $19.4 billion, while Bitfinex, OKCoin and Bistamp exchanges became the trading volume leaders of the past day.

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