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Feb 18, 2017 at 18:50 // KCN Videos
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HaoBTC closes its exchange service

Chinese mining pool is shutting its exchange. Chinese bitcoin mining company HaoBTC, also known as a mining pool, closes its lesser-known bitcoin exchange operation – such decision was caused by the PBOC’s regulatory requirements on a closed-doors meeting last Thursday. The mining pool also launched a Hashrate Exchange which will also stop deposits in Chinese yuan on users’ accounts. The HaoBTC’s wallet service, mining pool and hashrate exchange would remain working unchanged.

BitFlyer compiled $1,76 million

Japan exchange closes the financing round. The two large companies Sumitomo Mitsui and Mizuho Financial Group had invested in BitFlyer exchange. Both companies are also working together with BitFlyer to create private blockchains for corporate use. The total summary of investments raised by the exchange is already $35 million. Currently, BitFlyer is Japan's largest bitcoin exchange by the volume of commercial transactions, and new investment will help it to take more solid position.

Ether hits the record price

Ether hits it’s highest price of the year. The cryptocurrency surged close to 20% on digital currency exchange Poloniex against both Tether and Bitcoin. The currency has risen to as much as $13.40 for a gain of more than 18% from the opening price. Analysis shows the combination of a high acceleration in trading volume combined with a highly leveraged market helped increase gains. Poloniex data showed similar results, as ether to bitcoin trading volume reached nearly 50,000 Ethers after rising to just 16,725.

Bitcoin amongst major currencies in Germany

Bitcoin as major currency in Germany. The most popular and biggest financial news platform finanzen.net lists bitcoin as major currency amongst other major reserve currencies such as US Dollar, Japanese Yen and Chinese yuan. The news appeared on the company’s «most important exchange rates» section, which consists of the rates of 7 major reserve currencies of different countries which considered operating as the basis of the global economy. The service supported bitcoin, showing year-long charts of bitcoin price and listing the digital currency among all of the reserve currencies.

Digix and Monolith Studio announced a joint project

Debit Card Visa runned by a smart contracts. Digix platform and developers of Monolith Studio using Etherium blockchain and smart contracts partnered to develop a first-ever Visa debit card. One of the advantages is that the Tokencard project will be placing funds on the smart contract, controlled directly by users. Thus the funds will be under the full control of the user until the decision to spend it. Monolith Studio is planning a ICO to fund the project.

EU will support blockchain startups

Blockchain technology conquers Europe. According to the statement by the European Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip, the Commission is planning to improve its support for blockchain projects. Though it is already supporting several blockchain initiatives, the Commission would collaborate with the Parliament on future blockchain events. Andrus Ansip noted: «The Commission will organize a kick-off conference with the European Parliament to look at Blockchain developments.»

Tim Draper will invest in India’s FinTech startups

Startup investments in India. Venture and FinTech investor Tim Draper will support the fast growing market of India. According to TechCrunch, the investment into the country’s financial sector will occur through Blume Ventures, the company that now joins Draper Venture Network as a member. Having existed since 90s, the company has backed over 600 startups like Skype, Baidu and Twitch. Tim Draper, the founder of Draper Venture Network, noted: «I expect bitcoin, the blockchain and smart contracts to play an increasingly important role along with [local] marketplaces».

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