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Feb 13, 2017 at 10:59 // KCN Videos
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Migration ban affects bitcoin’s rate

Donald Trump’s politics had influenced bitcoin’s rate. Due to the sudden ban on entry to the United States for citizens of seven Arab countries, bitcoin’s rate increased by $40. Bitcoin is an international cryptocurrency, and the migration ban for the residents of the Arab countries can cause fluctuations in it’s rate. The decree caused discontent in Silicon Valley: Sam Altman, CEO of Y Combinator and Mike Belshe, co-founder of Bitgo, called FinTech community to oppose against migration ban.

Adam Back called for the resumption hardfork Bitcoin

Blockstream advocates for the unified cryptocurrency. Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, befuddled suspension of work posted on Twitter a call to "collaborate on an unified coin". On the conference, that took place in Hong Kong in February 2016, representatives of Blockstream, Bitcoin Core, Litecoin and the Lightning Network signed an action plan aiming to increase the size of Bitcoin’s block. Development under the plan lasted throughout a year, but stopped just few weeks ago. The representative of Bitcoin Core, Luke Dashjr, noted that the company is opposed to any increase in the size of the block.

Ether dice games in Etheroll casino

The first in the world Decentralised Application for dice games by Ethereum casino Etheroll. Using Etheroll’s unique web-based user interface, gamblers can set their own odds and percentage chance of winning to be as low as 1% or as high as 98%. The decentralized and immutable nature of their smart-contract code, ensures players will bet in units of Ether with 100% confidence their funds are not being held by the risk of hacks, theft, or misconduct by the Etheroll itself. As long smart-contract code is situated both everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and the Ethereum blockchain unites thousands of computers around the world, as there is neither commanding center, nor weak link.

OKCoin and Huobi discontinued withdrawal Bitcoin

Chinese top exchanges discontinue bitcoin’s withdrawal. Two biggest chinese exchanges OKCoin and Huobi have made this decision by demand of the the authorities. On the 7th of February the Central Bank of China had released a number of requirements obliging the cryptocurrency exchanges in the region, adhere to the law on combating the legalization of illegal capital and currency exchange regulations. According to the official website of Huobi exchange, this is a temporary measure, and Bitcoin’s withdrawal will be resumed in a month.

Poland recognized the cryptocurrency mining

Poland recognizes trading and mining of bitcoin. According to the Central Statistical Office of Poland, mining and trading of cryptocurrency is being officially recognized as the economic activity. According to the statement by the static control office, issuance of electronic currency and purchase and sale of electronic currency via the internet stand classified by official statistics services in Poland. Companies that are actively engaged in this area will be able to gain an official registration.

BOScoin - currency of the new generation

Digital currency of the new generation. Korean startup BlockchainOS is about to launch a BOScoin, brand new digital currency. Developers claim, that currency will be able to carry out up to 1,000 transactions per second. CEO of BlockchainOS Park Chang-ki reckons that through Boscoin Korea will soon be able to challenge the world’s cryptocurrency market. The official release of BOScoin is expected later this month. 

Wroclaw Blockchain Meetup conference

Blockchain popularization in Poland. "Wroclaw Blockchain Meetup" launches a series of blockchain conferences in Poland, on February 13, 2017. The conference will consist of the brief introduction to the key cryptocurrency concepts, set of speeches and the opinion dialogue among the participants and event guests. According to Tomas Drvenga, organizer of "Wroclaw Blockchain Meetup", the first part of the conference is educational for newcomers in blockchain development, while the second is intended for technical innovation and blockchain projects. Detailed information about the event can be found on bithub.pl.

Education Center by Digital October

Digital October launches the education center. Company that develops educational products in the field of technology declares official opening of the Digital October Education Center. Program of the center contains one-day and long-term courses providing knowledge about blockchain, big data, biotech and cybersecurity. First educational course is called «blockchain weekend» and scheduled for the 18th of February. 

Start of the 'Rich Bali' reality show

Rich reality show from E-Dinar Coin. The shooting of «Rich Bali» show, supported by E-Dinar Coin, will start on February 14, 2017. Names of six participants are already known, while other two remain in secret. Eight boys and girls will be traveling, leading luxurious life, having fun and making money with E-Dinar Coin. At the end of the show one of them will win the main prize - $10 000. The first episode will be released on YouTube channel "Reality show RICH BALI" within four days after the start of shooting.

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