Kepler Technologies Announces Development of World's First Decentralized AI and Robotics Ecosystem

Feb 12, 2018 at 13:12 // News
The AI and Robotics industry is one of the fastest growing industry currently redefining all spheres of human endeavours

Kepler Technologies, a Georgia-based startup, is proud to announce the world's first AI and Robotics Development ecosystem. The groundbreaking, asset-backed platform is poised to disrupted the $100 billion AI and Robotics industry by bringing inventors, developers, technicians, and financiers on a unifying platform on the blockchain.

The AI and Robotics industry is one of the fastest growing industry currently redefining all spheres of human endeavours. From AIs that can trade billions of dollars worth of transactions in the blink of an eye, to intelligent vacuum cleaners, surveillance drones, and home assistant, technology is developing at an astounding rate. However, the participation of the general public in this development remains extremely limited.

Future-proof Platform for Next-Gen Development

Due to the centralization of development in the AI and Robotics industry, only a handful of entities are benefitting from the growth of the industry. These same entities have a tight monopoly over what gets developed and released into the market and what doesn't, relegating the west of the world to mere consumers. According to a recent research, most inventors are forced to give up on their dreams of enriching the world technologically due to limited technical resources and lack of funding.

But what if there was a place where inventors could put up their invention for access to technical and financial resources? What if this same platform can finally give consumers not only a voice on what gets developed, but how too? What if it offers them dividends from successfully completed projects on the platform?

Kepler Technologies is developing such an ecosystem.

Leveraging blockchain technology, smart contracts, data science, and predictive algorithms, Kepler Technologies is set to liberate the industry and accelerate development by bringing together innovation and investment on a decentralized platform. Innovators from anywhere in the world can directly connect with required financial and technical resources with no third-party interferences.

Users will also be able to actively key into the development of next-gen AI and Robotics development through a decentralized and transparent platform that provides them with unique investment opportunities via tokenized assets and unhindered access to liquidity. Through its novel Proof-of-Creation protocol, Kepler Technologies will enable every innovator record their project to the blockchain, creating an immutable and time-stamped proof of intellectual ownership.

Backed by the Georgia government technological reform policy, Kepler Technologies plans to build one of the largest robotics facilities in the world. The backing will see the company acquire the required landed properties for development as a goodwill gesture. The project will also be backed by both tangible and intangible assets including state-of-the-art laboratory and factory, University and campus, cutting-edge equipments, and technical expertise.

A New Currency For Innovations

Kepler Technologies will be releasing its native, ERC20 compatible tokens, called KEP, to facilitate all exchanges on its ecosystem. KEP will be the token for contributing to platform innovation development, purchasing products at discount, voting for projects for the company to develop, and funding creator's proposals.

Platform users can easily fund the development of any project on the network by voting in KEP tokens through smart contracts. After a successful voting session - to the tune of project’s budgetary requirement - the development team will be flown to Georgia and given access to funding for prototyping, patenting, and marketing their invention globally. Dividends will be distributed to backers for every successful project completion.

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