Koles Coin News: Cryptocurrency News Videos, Jan 20

Jan 20, 2017 at 12:53
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Winners of Miami Bitcoin Hackathon: Setbounty, Coinbar, SilverLogic

“Fun, fun, and, one more time - fun”! The third Miami Bitcoin Hackathon where the Gamification took a center stage had a such slogan. The team named Setbounty won third place with a Chrome app that interfaces with GitHub. Second-place winner Coinbar demoed an app that enables the querying of various types of bitcoin data using the unique interface of the new Macbook Pro Touch Bar. First place and grand prize - 15 BTC were taken by the team SilverLogic, headed by David Hartmann with Pokemon-go-inspired location-based game the BitTag app.

Carlson-Bee’s life on BTC became successful start-up Polychain Capital

Life on Bitcoin. Since February, 2013, when Olaf Carlson-Wee became the first hire at Bitcoin startup Coinbase, he has been living on the digital currency. Carlson-Wee, wrote his undergraduate thesis on Bitcoin. Olaf Carlson Bi-created cryptocurrency hedge fund Polychain Capital with $5 million from 30 investors, two of them is Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures. He expects that the Internet will be around longer than any state, so a nation-state currency is actually less safe than an Internet currency.

Creditbit experiencing price surge on Novaexchange and Cryptopia

An unprecedented price surge. Creditbit is one of the fastest growing digital currencies in the cryptocurrency segment and an open source software project. The cryptocyrrency’s volume jumped to almost $300 thousands on Tuesday, a short term increase as a result of Creditbit being added to cryptocurrency exchange Novaexchange. Now, on this cryptocurrency exchanger Creditbit volume is 70142 dollars. The second largest volume in 24 hours is on Cryptopia at around 14,676 dollars.

Japanese market to accept bitcoin

Increasing of demand for cryptocurrency. The Japanese market has added a significant number of bitcoin merchants past year. By the end of 2016 there were over 4,200 bitcoin-accepting shops. Rapid increase in the acceptance of bitcoin by merchants can be attributed to the Japanese government’s recognition of bitcoin as a legal form of payment.

EU planning a database of cryptocurrency wallets

EU against the anonymous transaction. European Union came back to the issue of "attach " to the owner of the data cryptocurrency wallet. The EU believes a lot of the funding for terrorism is done anonymously through bitcoin because it provides the anonymity of transactions. According to the CEO Bitcoin company BITNIK, Serbia Peter Trček: “Connecting regular user's identity to his wallets is impractical if not almost impossible. The average user would own more than one cryptocurrency and would use multiple wallets”

Daimler buys bitcoin service PayCash for Mercedes Pay

Blockchain service for Mercedes. Concern of Daimler, which owns the Mercedes company, announced the purchase of PayCash services from Luxembourg providing cryptocurrency and fiat transactions. Soon the service will be available for Daimler mobile payments is known like Mercedes Pay. PayCash provides technical and legal platform to enable virtual currency into the existing payment infrastructure that can handle payments in all major currencies. The company also provides support for cryptocurrency POS-terminals.

BitIns installs bitcoin ATMs in Europe

Seven banks are developing Digital Trade Chain

Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Rabobank, Société Générale, Natixis, UniCredit and KBC Banks.
European banks are developing finance platform. Seven European banks are collaborating to develop a blockchain-based platform called Digital Trade Chain, aimed to improve cross-border trade for small and medium-sized enterprises. If both buyer with his bank and seller with bank are on the same page, so managing, tracking, and securing these trade transactions becomes that much easier. Through Digital Trade Chain, all these parties will be able to interact online or via mobile.

Media equated E-Dinar Coin to fiat money

The recognition of cryptocurrency’s legality. E-Dinar Coin has been legalized by the European Appeal Court. This fact could not be remained without attention of the press. Leading media in Ukraine and Kazakhstan scored the cryptocurrency and equated E-Dinar Coin to fiat money too. Also, the media shared the information about the benefits of E-Dinar Coin using.

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