Koles Coin News: Cryptocurrency News Videos, Jan 14

Jan 14, 2017 at 13:33
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The conference on blockchain system is just about to take place

Stanford university launches a blockchain-related conference. Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering (BPASE) 2017 is set for late January. This event will take place on January 26-27th in Paul Brest Hall at Stanford University. The speakers of this conference will explain main principles of blockchain system work.

LendingRobot automatization with blockchain

LendingRobot uses blockchain to automatize its funds. The service LendingRobot is automating retail purchases of loans from the online lenders. LendingRobot will record data on options on the blockchain to launch its automated fund. Algorithms will automatically move investor funds among options based on risk tolerance and investment horizon.

Bitcoin Development Grant fund shares first grants

Bitcoin Development Grant fund gives first grants. Bitcoin Development Grant shares $1.2 Million fund for those working on Bitcoin protocol development. ake Smith of Bitcoin.com said: “Bitmain and Bitcoin.com are the only entities who contributed to the Bitcoin Development Grant Fund, so the funds will be dispersed at their discretion”. According to bitcoin investor Roger Ver, three teams have already received grants from the development fund. 

Сryptocurrency in Indonesia

E-Dinar in Indonesia. Сryptocurrency is gaining popularity in the economy in Southeast Asia. One of them is brand-new cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin, which has a market capitalization worth $11.57 million, has also penetrated the Indonesian market. Indonesian Information and Communication Technology Institute founder Heru Sutadi said that Bitcoin or E-Dinar Coin could have helped the government to create a cashless society. 

The Japan Exchange Group is introducing blockchain

The Japan Exchange Group (operator of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) will use blockchain as its trading infrastructure. The financial regulator of the country will begin approving Fintech adoption on a case-by-case basis. Bitcoin allows the Japan Exchange Group (JPX) to introduce technology that improves the operational efficiency of trading platforms. 

US Department of Energy seeks Blockchain technologies

The US Department of Energy (DoE) is now looking into blockchain tech. According to the innovation research programme published in December, the DoE is seeking research proposals "for the realization of robust fossil energy systems" incorporating blockchain. As claimed by the DoE, cybersecurity of these systems is the one major area of interest.

CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise

CoinsBank ships out. CoinsBank has announced another annual event - CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise. Cruise ship «Anthem of The Seas» will bring together a number of brightest minds, top speakers, media, fintech and blockchain industry representatives to discuss latest trends . «Anthem of The Seas» goes out to the sea from Cape Liberty Port, New York, at May 25. 

Control of Bitcoin transactions in the EU

Control of remittances in EU. European Union is planning a database that will assign every cryptocurrency wallet to its holder’s identity. After the collision with terrorist activity, the EU believes a lot of the funding for terrorism is done anonymously through bitcoin. Current anonymity means you can send payments to a wallet without your identity being detected . Now EU governments will be able to attach a user's ID to every transaction done within the EU zone for incoming and outgoing transactions.

Genesis Mining Achievements of 2016

Genesis Mining Achievements of 2016. Cloud mining company Genesis Mining shares its achievements of the past year. The biggest ones are launching the world’s largest Ethereum mining cluster Enigma and #ExploreBitcoin campaign and company`s conferences around the globe. The most remarkable achievement is Genesis Mining CEO, Marco Streng being featured in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

Bitcoin to become even bigger

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