Electronic Arts Co-Founder Jeff Burton Joins Dragonglass to Bring Blockchain to the Masses

Mar 05, 2018 at 10:24 // PR
Jeff Burton joins Dragonglass

Jeff Burton, the founding member of Electronic Arts, one of the oldest and largest gaming companies in the world, and international strategic advisor to all manner of startups, brings his entrepreneurial mindset to Dragonglass, the world’s first gamified cryptocurrency mining experience.

March 5th, 2018. Tallinn, Estonia:  Dragonglass – with its token generation event underway – is a radical cryptocurrency mining solution that was built to bring mining to the general public. Cryptocurrency mining has taken the headlines in the mainstream media, yet the affair remains complicated and confusing to the public. Dragonglass makes a seismic shift in this regard by allowing users to mine cryptocurrency with a mobile game, without relying on the smartphones computing power.

The Native DGS Token

The company has introduced a new utility token called  Dragonglass (DGS) that is used in the gamified mining experience to make mining seamless and more enjoyable. Acquiring DGS enables a user to mine up to 10 times of the obtained tokens by playing the game. This way  Dragonglass bypasses the usual crypto-technobabble and makes mining easy for everyone.

The groundbreaking new technology of the project and clarity of  Dragonglass user experience was among the reasons why Mr. Burton decided to join the Dragonglass team.

Jeff Burton stated that:

“Dragonglass has a non-technical approach to a very complex industry. That will make it much more transparent and understandable for millions of people. Dragonglass are using the gaming medium to teach people how to engage with this industry. Proud to be part of the effort that Dragonglass is making to bring clarity and enjoyment to an industry that I believe has a terrific future.”

A Form of Volcanic Glass

The same way that gaming was a starting point for many people to pick up programming,  Dragonglass is a reminder of how an accessible and fun experience can easily become the next tech revolution. Dragonglass is already breaking new ground – it is the first and the only mobile game in the market that allows users to mine real cryptocurrency. Unlike most TGE,  Dragonglass has delivered on its promise at the start of the token sale and released the app for both iOS and Android devices.

Jeff Burton remembers that decades ago many people were inspired to begin their careers in technology by playing games. The history repeats itself, as cryptocurrency games are set to merge the multibillion dollar industries of mobile gaming and blockchain.

How Does it Work?

Anyone with an iOS or Android device can mine DGS as soon as they buy DGS tokens and users can  Download the Dragonglass app here. The app contains the “Dragonglass Miner” game – a fast-paced puzzle platformer set in medieval times, where players must carry out various tasks to save their family and mine real DGS cryptocurrency in the process. The game has 10 pre-designed levels and an infinite number of randomly generated levels. To successfully mine the cryptocurrency, players have to complete and pass the game’s levels.

About Dragonglass

Founded in 2017 by software engineers Mart Lume and Gleb Skibitsky,  Dragonglass has grown to incorporate 13 additional members and five advisors. With the main goal of making cryptocurrency easily accessible to the general public, Lume and Skibitsky utilized their advanced backgrounds in software engineering to gamify the cryptocurrency mining experience and make it user friendly for the public. Through the  Dragonglass app, they have also been able to educate the public on blockchain, support different causes while giving back to the community, and ultimately, secure a strong position in the crypto-gaming industry.

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Visit the Website:  https://dragonglass.com
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