Interest to bıtcoın reached a peak
October 12,
Swiss Telecom launches new blockchain-business

A new business object focused on the blockchain in Switzerland. According to CoinDesk, Swisscom, a major state-owned telecommunications provider, has created Swisscom Blockchain AG according to new reports to focus on a wide range of services in the field of this tech. These are solutions aimed at corporations and supporting companies that want to start working with ICO. This happened a few months after the company joined the Hyperleger project. "We want to provide support as a catalyst with expertise, experience and implementation skills”, - Swisscom's Johannes Höhener said in December.

Neighbour countries profited from Chinese ICO ban

Japan is leader again. As China banned ICOs in early September, bitcoin price fell down less than $4 thousand zone. The effects on the markets are appeared as the first place that once China seized, has been captured by Japan, reports and monitored on the charts. Now, according to the charts, Japan holds the first place with 49 percent of market share. But Japan is not only the country that profited from the Chinese ban. Also the users who are quitting from the Chinese markets prefer Hong-Kong and South Korean exchanges for their investments, as statistics show.

Swiss financial regulator shuts down E-Coin

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) announced to shut down E-Coin. As reported by Reuters, the controlling body has already started investigating another 11 cases of fraud with digital currencies. The E-Coin project was controlled by QUID PRO QUO Association, gaining over $4 mln for the last year, reports FINMA. Supervisory authority reports that such operations are similar to opening a deposit by banks and is illegal without an appropriate license by the financial regulator. According to FINMA’s report, E-Coin was a fake cryptocurrency, as it was stored on QUID PRO QUO servers, but not ın the dıstrıbuted networks. The financial regulator has already expressed suspicions to 3 companies about illegal operations and started investigating activity of another over 10 companies, allegedly using fake cryptocurrencıes.

Russian vehicle manufacturer plans to accept cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency fury in Russia continues. Russian military and civil vehicle manufacutrer UAZ is planing accept payments in cryptocurrency. As Coinidol cites, CEO of the Ulyanovsk, Russia based company, Vadim Shvetsov said that now they are at the stage of serious study of the mechanism for working with that currency, he mentioned, and by the end of this autumn they will necessarily begin introduction of this payment method. The mentioned crypto coin is also accepted as form of a payment in Russian farm cooperative Lavlavka, in Moscow.

Interest to bıtcoın reached a peak

The interest to the first cryptocurrency has reached the highest level of the popularity during its existence. It can be seen from published Google Trends service data. The maximum demand on word “Bitcoin” was set onto the mid-September. It resulted in Google index reaching the peak of 100 points. According to figures, the ratio has tripled since the beginning of the year. Prevıous maxımum demand was fıxed ın the end of May wıth 91 poınts and ın the mıd-August, 94 poınts. Historically one of the highest figures of requests was indicated in the end of November 2013, with 66 points. Such an interest was the result of events on the Mt Gox exchange. The greatest demand on word “Bitcoin” is indicated in Nigeria (100 points), Gana (75 points) and Slovenia (62). As service notes, users show the biggest interest in this field to “Bitcoin Payment System”, and Russian-speaking users are mostly interested in Bitcoin rate.

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October 9,
Ripple is testing payments between Japan and South Korea

SBI Ripple Asia will test a cross-border funds transfer payments system based on the blockchain. SBI Ripple Asia is a joint venture between Ripple and SBI Holdings. According to Nikkei Asia, the trial of the blockchain funds-transfer system between the Japanese and South Korean banks is planned on the end of fiscal year. The system will be based on the experience gained in the experiments conducted in Japan. According to the opinion of the project participants, the blockchain powered payment solution will significantly reduce bank expenses and will allow for interbank payments regardless of the time of day.

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Head of the Bank of Mexico commented about bitcoin
October 5,
Head of the Bank of Mexico commented about bitcoin

Agustin Carstens, the highest rank of the National Bank of Mexico stated about bitcoin. Carstens said bitcoin is more commodity than currency and added that there is nothing to ensure its accounting in a financial system. According to him, since bitcoin is not supported by neither the government nor the Bank of Mexico, it does not fall under existing currency definitions. In addition he warned about the issue of cybersecurity and underlined that the security of users must be ensured. Lastly he remarked the authorities will soon propose legislation to regulate financial technologies, such as cryptocurrencies.

Malta forms a blockchain strategy

Malta forms a national blockchain strategy. According to maltatoday, it is planned to organize advisory council which will include up to seven consulting companies. The Maltese government, which approved the blockchain strategy in April 2017, is currently getting a draft roadmap ready that will allow to gradually integrate a distributed ledger technology into the governmental structures and will contribute to the development of the digital economy. The head of the taskforce will be Vincent Muscat, the permanent secretary in the parliamentary secretariat.

Future of blockchain at Eastern Economic Forum

Blockchain discussion. On September 6-7, Eastern Economic Forum took place in Vladivostok, Russia. As coinidol reports, the future of blockchain and new technologies in the financial sector were discussed on the forum. Boris Titov, Presidential Commissioner of the Russian Federation for the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights commented on both ICO and mining issues in Russia. He said, they believe that mining should be allowed and regulated in Russia because today, their new mining companies’ chips allow mining rigs that would automatically take tax percentages in the currency that is mined. He also pointed that they have to legalize ICOs, unlike China; they think that prohibiting ICO is wrong.

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