September 12,
Estonia To Issue Its’ Digital Currency

A Baltic initiative. In Estonia it is possible to conduct a state-based ICO. This idea was expressed on by the the head of the e-residency program, Kaspar Korjus. In his opinion, Estonia may launch its’ tokens, named Estcoins. The holders will not only be the residents of the country, but any person in the world who obtain e-residency of Estonia. Estcoins can be used to pay for services that are provided on the territory of the country. If the Estcoin idea will be adopted by the government, then Estonia will be the first country in the world which launches its’ government-guaranteed tokens .

Brazil has developed a pilot for document and ID verification

Blockchain identity system for Brazil. As reports, Brazilian Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management wants to set partnership with computer giant Microsoft and blockchain-focused startup ConsenSys in Blockchain Identity trial app that will use uPort app. uPort is a self-sovereign identity system on Ethereum that allows people to fully control the flow of their personal information. Ministry aims to use the app to verify the legitimacy of personal documents. As Adriane Medeiros Melo, the head of information of the ministry says, that project will explore the opportunities of blockchain and create a new trust model between the government and public.

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ICOs are now banned in China
September 8,
Japanese exchange BitFlyer enters US market

Japanese bitcoin exchange makes first steps is the USA. According to the statement of kriptoparahaber news portal, BitFlyer enters the market after the other two exchanges left it, in particular Poloniex and Bitfinex. The reason for leaving lies in the new regulations of the US government for the cryptocurrency exchanges. The CEO of BitFlyer, Yuzo Kano announces, that they have already opened the main office in San Francisco and also received the permissions for activity in 34 states. He also express that his aim was creating a global company, which centers in Japan, this goal has already been achieved and he is excited about that. Kano also added that Bitcoin is a global currency and he wants his exchange also to become global. For now the exchange platform only supports Bitcoin.

ICOs are now banned in China

The Central Bank of China bans ICO. As Coinidol reports, Banking Regulatory Committee of People’s Bank of China announced that starting from the 4th of September no ICO will take place in China. The main reason for such decision lies in the concern that non-banking payment institutions have no legal right to carry out business related to token issuance and financing transactions in China. Moreover many of such coin offerings may be pyramid schemes or financial scams. The notice from the committee states that ICO fundings have seriously disrupted the economic and financial order in the region. In addition, organizations which have already conducted their ICOs will have to refund their investors. To date, the committee has prepared a list of 60 exchanges which will be subject to inspection.

Major companies involved in IBM’s blockchain cooperation
September 7,
Credit Suisse AG plans to use blockchain for credit processes

Switzerland-based bank and global financial services company Credit Suisse AG plans to embrace blockchain in 2018. As webrazzi reports, the company plans to use the technology for large organizations and trade unions instead of individual crediting. Director and head of the global markets division at Credit Suisse, Emmanuel Aidoo commented, that the company is working on a system in which a few dozen small loan transactions are managed through smart contracts between banks and agencies, involved in the process. According to the concept, the technology will be using for reducing the obstacles and time required for the transactions.

Social networks will become the next field of blockchain application

Blockchain getting into social media. As we begin to see the blockchain is applied in numerous of fields, such as finance mainly, energy, supply chains, transporting and real estate, now the technology may also appear in social media. As Cointelegraph reports, centralized nature of social media causes censorship and privacy issues. As blockchain has a decentralized character, the technology may fight both with these issues and provide more private and more censorship-free social media. If the social media platform becomes decentralize, the users may express themselves and share information without government pressure. Blockchain technology also promises to cope with cybercrime and advertising

South Korean Kakao Stock supports Bitcoin and Etherium

The popular application for securities trading in South Korea has expanded its functions. The Kakao Stock’s users now have an opportunity to trade bitcoin and ethereum. As the Newsbtc reports, trades will be conducted through the mobile Kakao Talk application. The application was created in 2014 by fintech company Dunamu Inc and nowadays the number of the platform active users exceeds 300 thousand per month. Since its launch, the application has been downloaded more than 1.6 million times, and the average monthly transactions on its account exceeds $1.1 billion. The application shows the stock prices in real time and also allows you to trade without additional commissions.

CEO of Twitter and Square commented on blockchain

Blockchain is becoming very popular. Jack Dorsey, CEO of the social media platform Twitter and mobile payment platform Square, said that blockchain is the “next big unlock”. According to the reportage, published on, he commented the blockchain technology can help to solve many problems that are not just related to finance, but clearly finance is an obvious one. However he underlines that there are a bunch of people trying to solve every single problem with blockchain and he thinks that people should take more thoughtful approach. Dorsey emphasized that many people who are not into the finance and technology keep asking him about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He says that the technology and the cryptocurrencies are going to be more popular.

Major companies involved in IBM’s blockchain cooperation

IBM announces global blockchain collaboration. As reported on the IBM’s official press site, the consortium includes ten leading companies across the global food supply chain. The consortium includes Dole, Driscoll’s, Golden State Foods, Kroger, McCormick & Company, McLane Company, Nestlé, Tyson Foods, Unilever and Walmart. The technology will be used for tracking the production steps and make the food supply chain safer. For example, Walmart is already using IBM’s blockchain technology since October last year, for tracking the manufacturing stages of food products. It is expected that IBM’s developing technology will have a positive effect on the overall product’s quality.

Disclaimer. These videos are brought to you by in partnership with Koles Coin News Channel. This information is provided by a third-party source and should not be viewed as an endorsement by CoinIdol. Readers should do their own research before investing funds in any company.

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