An interview with Blockchain Property Gate on the current state of the real estate sector and the project’s revolutionary security token

Feb 20, 2024 at 08:14 // PR
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The real estate sector has been historically known to offer great returns at low risk levels.

The reason is simple - prices of properties have always been rising and even after an economic crisis, they are bound to bounce back in the long-term. However, over the last several years, the rates at which real estate prices have increased proved to be dramatically higher than the rise of the average income, resulting in a considerable lack of affordability of housing, as well as real estate investments.

Blockchain Property Gate is a new project on the real estate blockchain market with ambitious goals of introducing a new chapter for the whole industry. We decided to interview the team and ask them more about their mission, as well as to explain their unique real estate token in-depth.

Can you give us a high level overview of the Blockchain Property Gate, what your ambitions with the project are and how it exactly works?

Blockchain Property Gate is a blockchain-empowered real estate ecosystem with the mission of providing a solution to the lack of affordable housing that is becoming one of the world’s greatest socio-economic problems, as well as the lack of access to real estate investments for investors without copious capital at their disposal.

We are planning on achieving both of these goals through the introduction of a self-reinforcing circular economy of property selection, acquisition, renovation and renting out properties or reselling them. Our longstanding experience on the market has allowed us to create a unique methodology that has been tried and tested - with the Blockchain Property Gate project, we plan on scaling our efforts on the international market. At the heart of this operational model is the BPGT token.

Can you give us more information about the token and what investors should know about it?

We created an instrument that we believe offers the best balance for all investors - both crypto veterans and people who have never invested in cryptocurrencies before. Our goal was to design a solution that combines the best of traditional financial instruments - more specifically the high security it offers through legal oversight and binding conditions for the issuer - as well as of cryptocurrency solutions and their innovative features that offer unprecedented freedom, fairness and transparency.

The BPGT token is a security token based on the Ethereum blockchain and the ERC1400 standard. Ethereum is the leading solution on the market in general and especially when it comes to real estate and tokenization.

We chose a security token over a utility token because of two main reasons - first, a security token offers much higher security, as the issuer (meaning us) is bound to its legal characteristic. Because our company is registered in the US and regulated by the SEC, it is not possible to engage in any fraudulent behavior without repercussions. A security also quite close to how traditional securities operate, meaning that it is one of the preferred options for investors who already have experience in financial markets but are just starting out with cryptocurrencies. 

Another consideration for issuing a security token was the possibility to offer recurring passive income to investors based on our net profit, which is much similar to how traditional dividends are paid out to investors. However, by using blockchain technology, we can offer an unmatched transparency when it comes to dividend payouts, as all transactions can be confirmed, ensuring that investors have received their rightful rewards. We dedicate 30% of our net profit entirely to dividends, which are paid out to every investor in relation to their current stake in the total supply of BPGT.

Lastly, we are happy to say that the token was audited by a reputable auditing company, which found no loopholes in its code and gave us the green light as to our token certification as safe for investors.

What is the role of the token in the project’s ecosystem exactly? How does it support the business model?

The token supports our circular economy by being the fuel of the investments we do in real estate assets. 90% of all funds that flow through investors buying BPGT are invested directly in the acquisition of properties, providing a considerable foundation for the token and price stability. The remaining 10% are used to cover operational costs related to the company’s activities.

The profits made through our operational model after we pay out the dividends to our investors are then reinvested in the same cycle. This leads to an ever growing value of the real estate portfolio behind the token.

To learn more about Blockchain Property Gate, the BPGT token and the ongoing private sale with exclusive discounts for early adopters, visit:

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