INGOT COIN Presale Event Reaches £40,000,000 Soft Cap

Jul 09, 2018 at 16:00 // News
INGOT Coin are aiming to link emerging cryptocurrency markets with the existing financial markets

It is no secret that traditional financial markets and emerging cryptocurrency markets do not interact with each other as smoothly and efficiently as they might, with the two worlds quite segregated from each other.  High transaction costs and the inconvenience of a 5-day week slow down the trading process and can lead to reduced profits and even losses.  So far, neither traditional financial or cryptocurrency markets have been able to fully bridge the gap between the two.  Integrated blockchain-based financial platform INGOT Coin aims to do just that.

No cryptocurrency launch would be complete without a presale event to raise funds for the project prior to the official token sale, and INGOT Coin recently announced a milestone in its development by reaching the $40 million mark in its presale.

What is INGOT Coin? 

The brains behind INGOT Coin are aiming to build a unique decentralized financial platform that links emerging cryptocurrency markets with the existing financial markets, thereby eliminating inefficiencies in the system and making trading quicker and more convenient.  In addition, the developers say that INGOT Coin will act as a one-stop shop that will allow users to conduct financial transactions using 6 core tools: 

IC Wallet 

IC Wallet will be a blockchain-based crypto wallet that will act as a management system for all the cryptocurrencies in the INGOT Coin ecosystem. 

IC Exchange 

A complete and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange, IC Exchange will be securely integrated with the IC Wallet, IC Brokerage, and IC Digital Bank. 

IC Brokerage 

IC Brokerage will act as a hub of liquidity, offering effective market pricing and access to all financial products, with instant trading using cryptocurrencies. 

IC Digital Bank 

IC Digital Bank will offer fully automated payment processing 24/7 and provide the backbone of IC Digital Bank and IC Exchange. 

IC Crypto Certifier 

IC Crypto Certifier’s purpose will be to raise awareness of blockchain technology and offer educational services, including certified courses on a range of related topics. 

IC ICO Accelerator 

IC ICO Accelerator will help to seek out funding for innovative startups and offer a range of services to assist their growth and development. 

Presale and Token Sale 

With the successful presale event now officially closed, the developers responsible for INGOT Coin were keen to thank and congratulate the 6273 backers who had faith in the project and without whom the funds could not have been raised.  The INGOT Coin token sale has now started and will run until August 11, 2018, with the team’s goal being to reach the hard cap, meanwhile raising awareness of the platform and increasing the user-base. 

Looking Ahead 

INGOT Coin has stated that its goal is to build an interconnected global community based on honesty and transparency, with a strong focus on trust and cooperation, and that it aims to become one of the top ten cryptocurrencies.  According to publicity material: 

‘At INGOT, we believe that it is the right of all people to seize control of their lives; whether personally, socially, or financially. We are on our way in making a breakthrough in financial markets by presenting a revolutionary gateway towards an all-inclusive environment.’ 

If INGOT Coin manages to live up to its promise of creating a complete and integrated trading platform that bridges the gap between traditional and cryptocurrency markets, it has the chance of becoming a key player in the world of financial transactions in the future.

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