ImmVRse Takes VR into Learning and Neural Activity

May 08, 2018 at 11:31 // News
ImmVRse takes VR

Virtual reality has been with us for many many decades, at least as a concept before the existence of the actual technology. But now the technology has now come of age, virtual reality is here to stay.

Virtual reality is seen and considered by many an expert as an important technology with the potential to dramatically boost abilities in nearly all fields of endeavour, helping people to partake in situations they couldn’t possibly have participated in due to one limitation or the other.

This computer-simulated environment, which is able to simulate physical presence in imagined or real worlds, expands on the capabilities of all known industries from entertainment to research and development. Its increased mainstream recognition of late has led to the profitable leveraging of the technology for more than a million different uses, and it’s being dubbed as a truly immersive revolution.

However, despite the technology’s unlimited potential, virtual reality industries are presently being crippled by the challenges of high demand, quality and protection of content creation. The quest to resolve this issue has resulted in the application of a groundbreaking technological solution: the blockchain.

Groundbreaking Technology Meets Forward-Thinking Solution

Addressing the difficult challenges of virtual reality content creation and distribution requires leveraging a solution that is both immutable, transparent, secure and decentralized - inherent characteristics of the blockchain. However, for this solution to be effective, there is a need for a platform that can not only integrate them all, but also unify access to them: a platform like ImmVRse.

ImmVRse is a content distribution platform which enables virtual reality content sharing for advertisers, brands and  creators. ImmVRse uses Ethereum smart contracts to validate and secure all transactions, with no need for middlemen or third party intermediaries. As a result, content creators are fully compensated for their work using the platform’s native IMV tokens. Advertisers can also use the tokens to pay for the content they want advertised. IMV is the default currency for exchanging values on the platform, paving a road that allows control and easy decision making for users of the  platform. It also incentivizes members and gives them full creative control of their assets.

With the use of smart contracts, peers are enabled to access several job opportunities through the original contracts. Hence, the use of hiring process and creation of jobs will occur only within the environment of peers within the distributed network. Creators will determine the terms and conditions of every transaction, with payments secured by smart contracts. Agreements are essential to secure any exchange of value on the platform and also resolve any disputes.

ImmVRse will develop an incentivizing marketplace ecosystem for the VR industry, merging the unique skillsets of its London-based team to unleash the potentials of VR and usher it into the global economy. By eliminating the high cost of transactions inherent in the traditional space through the use of IMV tokens and barriers to entry, ImmVRse will encourage and provide opportunities for creators that are located in different part of the world to produce content without geographical restriction.

VR creators will be able to benefit from the platform and collaborate with some of the top brands in the market. With the combination of both technology, VR and blockchain, ImmVRse is set to create the best of both worlds will be created, with so much more to offer.

The ImmVRse Team

ImmVRse is being developed by a talented team of industry veterans from various sectors, including; VR, IT Management, blockchain development, and security.

Key team members include:

Farabi Shayor, CEO

Farabi possesses over a decade worth of experience in developing deliverables, brand identities and financial analysis based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for the market. With a mixed background of finance (BSc) and marketing (MSc), Farabi now leads  a small team from Imperial College London in conducting R&D on VR-Neuroscience.

Limon Rahman, COO & Co-Founder

Limon has successfully formed and managed numerous businesses from a wide range of fields through his entrepreneur-driven, practical hands-on approach to management. Limon also possess 15 years of experience overseeing budgets of over $300m.

Adrian Chan, Head of Marketing

Adrian is the former Co-founder of MadBuzzHK with four years of experience in journalism, marketing, and developing online content. Adrian holds a MSc in Marketing Communications and Advertising.

Mark Higgins, Chief Information Officer

Mark boosts two decades worth of experience in managing IT projects, and has managed multi-million dollar IT infrastructure, disruptive technologies and application projects.

Peter Gostincar , Chief Technical Officer

A highly skilled developer with over 8 years of experience, Peter has managed large-scale development for various apps with some of the largest companies in EU. He is also proficient in JS, Python PHP, JAVA, and SQL.

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