HybridBlock Partners with TrustToken to introduce TrueUSD Stablecoin

May 31, 2018 at 08:45 // News
HybridBlock partners with TrustToken

The emergence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has made a huge impact in the modern world. Countless industries are being revamped and improved thanks to this technology. For the first time individuals are joining the future of the financial world.

However, despite such a promising future for cryptocurrencies, mass adoption of this technology is yet to be fully utilised. The primary reason for a lot of skepticism towards cryptocurrency is volatility. HybridBlock looks to bridge this gap, with a cryptocurrency trading and educational platform that is designed for everyone. 

HybridBlock aims to educate the masses about the benefits of cryptocurrency with their ergonomic platform. Helping them on their mission, is TrustToken the creators of fully compliant stablecoin TrueUSD (TUSD). This strategic partnership follows a groundbreaking month for both companies, as HybridBlock enters its much anticipated public token sale. Not to mention TrueUSD boasts its recent listing on Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, and has grown to a market cap of over $33 million since its inception less than three months ago. 

HybridBlock looks to neutralise the concern of volatility, with TrueUSD, a USD-backed stable coin. TrueUSD can be redeem 1-for-1 to USD, helping minimise the risk of volatility for traders. The HybridBlock platform will implement TrueUSD, including HybridExchange and BaseTrade, a a cryptocurrency platform that allows users to easily buy or sell cryptocurrency with ease. By mitigating risk and taking out the laboruise aspects of cryptocurrency, this strategic partnership is set for a bright future. 

TrustToken Co-founder and CTO Rafael Cosman says:

“With TrueUSD, we set out to build a trustworthy stablecoin. We appreciate that HybridBlock sees the value that TrueUSD will provide to traders on BaseTrade. The HybridBlock team is showing responsibility and a long-term view in meeting their community’s needs.”

HybridBlock Co-Founder Apolo Ohno explains:

“TrustToken and TrueUSD are a world class team and product. We are very excited to integrate TrueUSD within the HybridBlock ecosystem as one of the top stablecoin solutions for traders globally.” 

TrueUSD Functionality Within HybridBlock

TrueUSD is a stablecoin that inspires trust and security. Traders are protected by legally enforceable escrow agreements, and every TrueUSD is fully collateralised by USD, held in professional trust firms escrow accounts and can be purchased or redeemed directly. Market volatility has put some people off cryptocurrency trading but for many the unique volatility of the cryptocurrency markets generate a real buzz. The HybridExchange utilises TrueUSD to serve as a base pairing to allow traders to hedge against market volatility. The HybridExchange will go live June 2018 and the launch introduces one of the first exchanges to list TUSD as a base pairing. Initial base pairings with TUSD will include BTC/TUSD, ETH/TUSD, LTC/TUSD, XRP/TUSD, and HYB/TUSD. 

Users can quickly access these benefits because on BaseTrade, TrueUSD will serve as the initial token distributed to traders loading their accounts via wire transfers. Once accounts are loaded, users can buy major cryptocurrencies quickly and hassle free. HybridBlock offers users the unique benefit of transitioning between fiat and crypto by using a stablecoin. For the first time, traders of all levels of experience can benefit. Users can take advantage of volatility, or TradeUSD offers BaseTrade traders a method to enter the crypto markets without immediate exposure to volatility. Allowing users to ease into the crypto world, by making informed decisions in their own time. 

About HybridBlock

HybridBlock has elevated themselves with the world's most innovative cryptocurrency trading platform. The platform is designed with all users in mind, by educating users and minimising risk and complexity. HybridBlock provides the most efficient and inviting way to participate in the cryptocurrency world. 

Blockchain technology is set to change the landscape of the modern world. HybridBlock’s team is comprised of visionaries and skilled technologist who are passionate about educating users. While providing the best experience within the cryptocurrency sphere. 

To find out more about this exciting new chapter and partnership, visit the Website and the Whitepaper. Connect on Telegram and meet the team. 

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