Human intellect provides growth of G-Global Tokens

Feb 27, 2018 at 18:25 // PR
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The international organization G-Global Business Portal plans to issue its own cryptocurrency called the G-Global Token.

The blockchain-based communication platform G-Global Business Portal is a consulting marketplace designed to unite experts from all over the world to modernize the economic system.

All calculations within the platform are made exclusively in crypto-currencies (G-Global or ETH), which overcomes many possible limitations imposed on the turnover of fiat funds in different jurisdictions. Exchanges allow for instant exchange of G-GLOBAL tokens for all liquid cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, Dash), as well as for fiat money (USD, EUR and RUB). All transactions on the platform are reflected in the blockchain using the technology described in the relevant section. Both parties are protected from improper or incomplete fulfillment of obligations.

The need to pay the fee will ensure the demand for tokens,, which provides investors with the option to withdraw from the project, while having a positive impact on market quotes, since ICO investors will be the only sellers of tokens, the system deficit of the asset in the market will raise prices even when there is no investment demand from the participants.


In this way, the marker rate of the token is economically rigidly correlated with the number of users of the G-Global platform and platform’ development as a project. The more participants and activity on the platform, the greater the turnover and, accordingly, the commission. The commission is paid in tokens, which participants are forced independently or indirectly through G-Global to buy from investors on the stock exchange, which ultimately leads to an increase in the rate of the G-Global token.

The value of tokens (like any other currency) will be determined by willingness of people to accept them as payments for goods and services. Exchange liquidity will let the currency develop on third-party platforms. Partner projects will also be able to make calculations in G-Global tokens, gaining speed and transparency of the transaction, as well as improving PR and marketing due to the involvement in the popular trend.

G-Global Business Portal is launching ICO in May 2018. Pre-sale of the G-Global ICO tokens is scheduled for March 13, 2018.

Within the fortnight period after ICO is completed, G-Global tokens will be presented on the EtherDelta and HitBTC exchanges. Similarly, the tokens will be presented on the Yobit, Bitrrex and LiveCoin exchanges

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