Hada DBank’s Native Token the HADA Coin to be Traded on Digi Peso Exchange

Jun 10, 2018 at 11:53 // News
HADA coin to be traded on Digi Peso

Digi Peso, a Belgium-based exchange has recently inked a deal with Islamic banking solution, Hada DBank to list their native token the HADA Coin. The listing is set to reach completion after the Hada DBank token event.

DigiPeso is one of the most reliable and secure exchanges in the ecosystem. With the company offering a wide variety of crypto products. Digipeso offers client side interfaces and admin back end as well as mobile apps, wallets, OTC and Liquidity solutions for the delivery & leverage trading. Digipeso provides custom technology development along with professional services, for new start-ups and existing organizations within the financial markets,

Hada DBank and DigiPeso

Hada DBank commented on the recent partnership stating that DigiPeso had reached out to the Islamic Banking Solution. DigiPeso are very stringent on which crypto tokens they list, only those that hold the potential to grow and sustain in today’s marketplace will be of interest and listed on the DigiPeso exchange. HADA Coin is filled with prosperity and there was no delay in contacting the company with the DigiPeso proposal to list the coin on the exchange.

A spokesperson for Hada DBank commented that it was a very proud moment for the company when they received the initial communications with DigiPeso, there was no hesitation to accept the proposal. Both of companies both share the same future vision for blockchain technology and are confident of the bright future it has in store for the ecosystem over the next few years.

The Hada DBank Solution

Hada DBank are the first digital bank to utilize the Islamic Banking Model with blockchain technology. This gives them a step up above the rest, separating them from any traditional banking model. The platform is fully transparent and risk sharing which makes the firm less risky and stronger compared to any of their competition.

Hada is able to perform financial services and banking activities on the platform, receive monetary profits including Dividends, Returns and anything equivalent by keeping it in Savings Account or Investing it in the banks own Investment Solutions. The platform will also play host to its own Hada Debit Card, and will be able to utilize it as collateral while applying for Unsecured & Term loans. The native token will be available for trade on exchanges such as F1Cryptos & DigiPeso’s for more profit which will consequently enhance the value of the token.

About Hada Bank

Hada DBank follows Islamic Financial Laws prohibiting risky ventures, Hada DBank will have a maximum Liability to Asset ratio of 1:3. All savings will always be backed by valuable assets such as precious metals. And are fully insured according to the Islamic banking principles.

HADA DBank allows users to have access to a full-feature personal banking service, this includes a free encrypted account and e-Wallet, accessible via smartphones and non-smart mobiles, also receiving a savings account at a probable 5% Hibah, this means a discretionary gift usually based on business performance per annum with a zero withdrawal fee.

HADA Exchange, featuring a zero-fee charge on cryptocurrency exchanges, or on major crypto-fiat currency exchanges. Also offering physical and virtual debit cards with cashback and discount programs with affiliate partners and merchants.

HADA DBank clients will also have access to Bot HUDA, a financial management bot that will help manage their spending, income and financial goals, this protocol is using the latest artificial intelligence HADI will be your personal financial advisor, helping you make informed investment decisions based on objective advice and assessments.

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