Hacken Victory at the d10e PITCH CONTEST - The Leading Conference on Decentralization

Sep 30, 2017 at 06:22 // News
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On September 19, Hacken, a community-driven business organization in the cybersecurity field, participated in d10e PITCH CONTEST, the leading conference on Decentralization. At this competition, 26 of the best startups from different parts of the world represented their future products, concepts and business models with the goal of acquiring recognition and reward. The price pull was 100 Bitcoins.

Hacken was represented by CFO, Dmitry Budorin, and PR Manager, Olga Samoilova, who clearly described what the Hacken Ecosystem is, just how it will work, and its lofty goals. In turn, Dmitry Budorin explained how the company is going to regulate the price formation of HKN, custom-tailored token for White Hat Hackers. Eventually, the Hacken Ecosystem was been ranked second in the global leading blockchain competition thanks to the outstanding performance of the representatives and significance and scope of the concept created by Hacken. By following this link you are able to find the Video of Hacken’s Pitch.

To sum up, by implementing the Haken Ecosystem, the team is going to achieve the following:

● Increased safety measures for all consumers of cybersecurity services. Vulnerability and penetration testing would be conducted by a large number of white hat hackers.

● A safe place for cybersecurity professionals to work. Blockchain technology will allow them to remain anonymous while working with numerous clients.

●   A wide range of services. Modern businesses will be able to purchase any kind of penetration testing and vulnerability research within a short time-frame and in accordance with their budgets. Consequently, it will considerably improve the overall level of cybersecurity around the world.

●   The significant reduction of work for black hat hackers. It will be far harder for black hackers to find vulnerabilities. The increased quality of bug hunting would decrease their chances exponentially. It will lead to an additional motivation of moving to the legal field and becoming a white hat hacker.

●   New custom-tailored cryptocurrency which will be strictly regulated. The Hacken token (HKN) is an effective tool for investment because of its burning model. 25% of all the profits of any operation would be removed from the system. It would increase liquidity and decrease the volatility of the token. You can read more about HKN and "Burning Principle". No additional emissions would occur. The hard cap is on the 20 million tokens, while the initial fiat price is 1 HKN = 1 USD.

About Hacken

Hacken is an ICO startup headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. It operates in the cybersecurity industry. Its main goal is achieving the improvement of the world's cyber safety standards by creating Hacken Ecosystem. The ecosystem will contain three main units including HackenProof, a bug bounty marketplace for ethical hackers, Hacken Accelerator, a business incubator for new perspective projects, and HackIT, an annual international conference for white hat hackers. When implemented, the Hacken Ecosystem will enable any business organization or individual to purchase vulnerability research and penetration testing in accordance with their preferences and budgets.

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