Gauntlet: Bringing Bitcoin Investors to Blockchain Projects

Nov 07, 2016 at 13:20 // Blockchain
Blockchain Education Network (BEN) will begin the hackathon Gauntlet

This November, Blockchain Education Network (BEN) will begin the hackathon Gauntlet. The exact date is still undefined. Individuals interested in Bitcoin (BTC) and Blockchain, or learning about BTC/Blockchain, can use this opportunity to learn more and have their business model, program, or service reviewed by a Bitcoin professional who can help bring your idea to fruition.

Organizers want to attract not only local but also, outside participants.  

It is free (no cost) to enter/participate in the Gauntlet event.

Dean Masley, Executive Director of BEN: “[Through BEN] You got your first bitcoin during the airdrop. You collaborated with peers on a crowd-sourced blockchain educational course. Now it's time to create something. This November, we're shining a spotlight on project creation…”

Beginning around the middle of November, the BEN team will be hosting hackathons in Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, and Toronto. At the end of the event, Bitcoin experts and gurus will pick a number of projects that they will advise and invest in.

If you are interested in participating in Gauntlet and do not have a local event, you can submit a demonstration, program, website, or a 90-second video to the Blockchain Education Network as your entry/submission to the hackathon. Each judge will have 100 votes to use on the submitted projects. Judges can use their votes on a submission in any ratio they chose, (i.e., one judge can use 30 votes toward a single submission) however, they must write a one-page explanation of their vote.

Start Thinking

Any idea that would make the money and banking industry more efficient via digital currency or blockchain would definitely be appealing to experts and investors. Ancillary services that promote efficiency and solve existing problems in the crypto Industry would also be very captivating. However, do not let these suggestions limit you! There are plenty of routes you can go with your Gauntlet Project! Even if you do not have any Bitcoin/Blockchain experience, have never attended a Hackathon before or have no computer programming knowledge, do not let that discourage you.

Dean Masley: “[As usual] The event will be casual and friendly, encouraging development and learning.”

It’s time to Create

October was BEN’s Blockchain Education month. BEN paid participants Bitcoin to learn Blockchain. Participants earned BTC by making scripts, slides, or videos on how they interpreted the material they learned. In November, it will be time to put what you learned to the test. During Gauntlet you will get to display your knowledge of blockchain and business and you will have the chance to earn investor funding to pursue your Gauntlet project. Be on the lookout for more news regarding Gauntlet.  The first events will soon be added to the Gauntlet Calendar

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