Refurbished Electronics Platform Galaxy eSolutions Announces Token Sale to Help Fund Platform

Feb 09, 2018 at 11:34 // News
Galaxy eSolutions announces token sale

Galaxy eSolutions, a popular Hong Kong-based ecommerce tech giant which recorded 20 million in total sales in its first year in the market has announced a token sale to help advance it’s pre-owned electronics platform. The company has projected further growth in 2018 with a potential industry market cap in the billions.

Galaxy eSolutions have announced their Token Sale after a series of successful advances within the company that increased profits and reputation. The announcement follows other similar stories in which other large companies choose to adopt blockchain technology and use it to improve their service across the board.

By merging their current system with the efficiency of the blockchain Galaxy eSolutions believe that they can forge a ‘hybrid ecosystem’ and marketplace platform, tackling some of the big issues currently holding back the pre-owned electronics market.

The Galaxy Universe

Galaxy eSolutions operation spans across a total of 26 countries with a long-term intention to build a refurbished B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) ecommerce Ecosystem. This intention also stems from the company’s interest in focusing on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices such as recycling and the sharing economy.

Galaxy eSolutions believes that blockchain technology will provide them with credibility and trust between departments like supplier qualities, product grading, payments of goods and services, authentication and quality standards. This could also result in increased time and available workforce for Galaxy eSolutions giving them more focus on other areas for improvement.

The GES Token

The GES utility token will be used as blockchain token comes with reduce costs and generate quicker transactions times. It will also be used to create listings and use upgraded services such as verified or featured supplier spots.The GES token will also be applied to other company services like quality assurance and inspection. These services will help the company and its services to offer higher standards to its clientele, act as a ship-on-hold logistic centre and offer a highly functional utility on Galaxy eSolutions website.

GES tokens and the blockchain platform have been positioned into one of the Galaxy eSolutions marketplaces named MobileFreak. This will allow businesses and consumers to swap old handsets with other businesses. This will work as a direct, decentralized P2P ecosystem that has blockchain technology readily available to keep all parties privy to all of the most recent processes and logistics.


Galaxy eSolutions Token Sale

The Galaxy eSolutions Token Sale begins on the 28th of February, 2018, ending the 31st of March, 2018; more details of the sale are detailed below:

  • Token Price: 1ETH = 10,000 GES Tokens.

  • Maximum Supply: 300M with unsold tokens burned.

  • Market Buyback: 20% quarterly profit used on quarterly buyback with 50% burned.

  • Token Value Protection: GES to buy back in stages (as long as market price falls below listed price).

  • Token Usage: Tokens can be used in ecosystem for services and products (5% of purchases will be credited monthly in GES token).

  • Fund Raise: Monthly operational break-even reached. More funds equate to greater development and faster growth.

Token Bonus (20% minimum for ALL in view of recent ETH surge, a goodwill from GES):

  • 20% - 0.1 to 49ETH

  • 25% - 50 to 99ETH

  • 30% - 100 to 249ETH

  • 35% - 250 to 499ETH

  • 40% - 500 to 999ETH

  • 45% - 1000 to 2499ETH

  • 50% - 2500ETH and above

Visit the Galaxy Esolutions Website:

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