FriendUp — First TGE From Norway Where Transparency and Trust are Abundant

Feb 16, 2018 at 10:14 // PR
FriendUp is the first TGE from Norway

FriendUp, a Norwegian company at the forefront of  groundbreaking technology makes way for the world’s first open source decentralised cloud computer. Its scheduled to be the first ever TGE from Norway.

Friend Software Corporation – developers of the groundbreaking Friend Unifying Platform are headquartered in Norway, a nation renowned for it’s tough no nonsense approach to transparency, integrity and impeccable corporate governance. For these reasons, Friend up is proud to announce that the team have been working very closely with the Norwegian authorities and one of the largest banks in Norway, and can now confirm we will be the world’s first TGE to be launched from Norway.

The  Friend Unifying Platform offers the world’s first open source virtual cloud computer – designed for decentralised, secure computing and built for Blockchain technologies. Friend gives you access to a fully-featured virtual cloud computer, that is ready for use right after logging in. Friend gives applications an ecosystem to thrive in, it provides an environment for both Blockchain-, web- and legacy applications to seamlessly interact with each other. The extensive technology stack offers unique features like client side integrations and a zero deployment cost approach for virtual computers.

FriendUP is gaining traction with software companies that use Friend to deploy Windows based applications to users across devices and locations. Friend allows software vendors a cost efficient step into making their software platform and device independent. Not only this, Friend provide a way to deploy their applications faster and at lower cost.

At the same time Friend breaks the technology silos by being vendor and device agnostic. It is a humanitarian project that will empower users to make active decisions for his digital self It is based on 5 pillars: freedom, intelligence, empowerment, privacy and integration. We are now integrating  Friend into the great and expanding universe of Blockchain technologies. Developers will be allowed to decouple their applications from technology silos.

Friend will empower developers to swiftly deploy on and integrate with Ethereum and other decentralised technologies in a new Blockchain based cloud infrastructure, the Friend Network – where participants share ownership over the infrastructure and get rewarded in tokens.

Friend invite technology enthusiasts, developers, futurists and innovators to join their TGE and help shape the future of computing. All participants in the pre-sale will receive an additional 20% of tokens as a sign of gratitude. Contributors who wish to participate in the pre-sale can  register and contribute.

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