eSports Daily Fantasy Esports Provider Skrilla Announces Token Sale

Nov 03, 2017 at 12:55 // News

Licensed, eSports Daily Fantasy Esports provider Skrilla offer an unprecedented look into the operation of their live platform, and share details about their ongoing Token Sale. The Token Sale will run from November 6th until November 20th 2017.

3rd November, 2017, Australia –  It’s heating up down under, as  Australian-based tech startup Skrilla look to bring the benefits of Blockchain to the world of eSports Daily Fantasy. Combining excellence in the industry between two established players, Puntaa and the GAMURS Group, Skrilla seek to develop beyond the release of their live Daily Fantasy Esports Platform, bringing a range of benefits to their community through tokenisation. Platform users can already throw themselves fully into the world of eSports; whether it be watching tournaments live, building fantasy rosters, or competing for prizes on the platform.

The Backdrop

This all-encompassing vision from  Skrilla comes off the back of the rapidly expanding growth within the eSports industry. 40% year-on-year growth was experienced in 2016 within the eSports spectatorship segment and future proofing this growth became more viable in 2017, the first year in which the majority of 18-35 year-olds show strong preference to an eSports team, over a traditional sports team. Additionally, $23bn in betting turnover is expected to arise by 2020. Skrilla saw this opportunity along with the huge increase in interest in the application of Blockchain technologies, which solve a number of community challenges, and have moved.


What is Skrilla?

Skrilla’s ability to execute and foresight comes down to its’ composition. With deep roots in the gaming and wagering industries, Skrilla is a collaboration between  Puntaa and  the GAMURS Group, who have worked on innovative and ground-breaking projects within the gaming industry over the past 3 years. Puntaa provide expertise with the wagering side of the business, having created the world’s first licensed P2P social betting platform. Puntaa recently also secured additional funding, generating investment from  Altor Capital and the co-founders of Unlockd.

Handling the eSports domain experitse, content and distribution is the GAMURS Group, who run eSports platform  Dot Esports, amongst their 12 esports brands. The platform offers a high-quality round-the-globe coverage service for all major eSports events, and will soon be the largest hub for eSports data globally. With its’ solid grounding in both essential parts of an eSports Daily Fantasy platform, Skrilla looks set to integrate tokens for the benefit of their community, to further build upon their engaging, and entertaining platform.

The Platform

The core of the  Skrilla platform consists of the Daily Fantasy Esports, which will revolutionize the way that eSports fans watch and engage with their favourite events. Social-based competitions, where participants compete against other fans to win will see members paying an entry fee to participate in daily contests. The Daily Fantasy Esports world will cover front-page titles such as CS:GO, League of Legends, and DOTA2, among others.

Members pick a roster of their favoured professional players, who they think will amass the maximum amount of points. A budget is assigned for the team, with different players costing varying amounts. It is up to the player to use their in-game and metagame knowledge to make an informed decision on the best roster composition, whilst adhering to the price cap. As matches play their course in real-time, pro players will gain points depending on their performance. Once the set list of games concludes, participants on the platform gain access to the prize pool, if their roster has performed exceptionally. This will add another dimension to the eSports experience, as getting that crucial clutch frag will mean much more than an appreciation for the immense skill required. It could also mean a big payout.

ERC20 SKR Token

Powering the Skrilla ecosystem will be the Skrilla Token (SKR). This ERC20 token will be the native currency and mode of transfer within the current Skrilla platform. Initially, SKR tokens will be deployed alongside traditional currencies, to ensure the building of value through usage of the tokens, and providing utility for early backers in the ICO. At the same time, Skrilla are transitioning the platform to a decentralised and licensed, P2P platform, phasing out Fiat currencies entirely. At this point, SKR tokens will be the sole method of value transfer within the Skrilla ecosystem. Additionally, SKR tokens may be implemented within the previously-mentioned GAMURS Group ecosystem, which pulls in 3.5m monthly active members.

Skrilla Token Sale

To fund the ongoing development of Skrilla’s live platform and international expansion, SKR tokens are available to purchase through a token sale. This will allow early contributors unprecedented access to the ERC20, Ethereum-based SKR tokens, at a discount rate. The token sale runs from November 6th to November 20th 2017, with a total cap of 150,000 ETH. Exchange rates in the token sale range from 2400SKR/1ETH, to 2000SKR/1ETH. SKR tokens will be available to trade on reputable exchanges 14 days from the completion of the sale.

Given their established market position, and strong composition, Skrilla will launch their platform in the US in Q1 of 2018. To find out more, visit the Skrilla website below. You can also find a host of useful links, to stay in the loop.

Visit the Token Sale Website
View the Whitepaper:

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