Eligma’s AI Shopping Advisor Helps you Save Money and Time

Sep 11, 2018 at 13:53 // News
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Shopping Advisor Helps you Save Money

A trusted company that successfully finished its public crowdsale in May 2018 and raised over $10 million – Eligma – is now launching a groundbreaking AI shopping assistant MVP, which will be able to help users save both money and time.

Elly – a Unique AI Shopping Assistant

Despite the growing selection of the goods and services that we can buy, customers often can’t find what they are looking for or don’t know what to buy at a store or online shop. The offer is huge and shops are sometimes too difficult to navigate.

Furthermore, current online shopping systems don’t allow navigating between different websites quickly and easily enough to compare the prices and qualities of products.

Elly by Eligma is a new AI shopping assistant learning to help a customer navigate the shopping jungle. It can be used as an assistant who knows the product as well as the individual customer.

Finding a Product According to Exact Specifications

One of the most interesting facts about Elly is that she is not only capable of helping shoppers to find products according to their exact specifications but is also on the lookout for something better for the same or less money. Just like any good advisor or friend.

Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic stated in the official press release:

“Today’s world offers amazing technologies, also in the field of commerce. Rather than resulting in a flood of product offer, they should be applied to help users shop faster and more effectively. Eligma is starting on that path with its MVP. Our aim is to develop Elly, our shopping assistant chatbot, into a highly useful tool with detailed product knowledge and a personalized approach.”

Learning and Developing System

Elly is an MVP – Minimum Viable Product, which means that it has enough features to satisfy early customers and generate feedback for future product development. Elly is currently in training but promises to learn very fast through user interaction.

Dejan Roljic continued:

“Elly is training intensely − not only to suggest the best deal but also to make price-to-quality recommendations by getting to know the user and learning what product features they find the most important.”

Pioneers in the Industry

Eligma is a pioneer combining the advantages of blockchain technology and AI in the form of a commerce platform. The team of Eligma aims to make daily buying, selling and inventory-making more user-friendly for the average consumer. They believe that the combination of the safety aspect provided by blockchain technology and new development horizons arising with the growth of the AI industry will represent the next phase of Internet development.  

The Elly chatbot, along with Eligma’s ELI token and the Elipay system for cryptocurrency payments for online and offline shopping, which is to be launched on September 12, will ultimately be part of the Eligma commerce platform with many useful features.

The platform will be  a one-stop place that will enable users to easily discover products, track the inventory of what they buy, monitor the prices of the items in their inventory and be notified of the best time to sell an item. This will help to make commodities circulate effectively in our challenging economic times and not only save money but also precious time with fast and effective technological solutions.

The development of the platform and its features is successfully taking place in accordance with the set roadmap.  

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