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Dec 18, 2017 at 14:50 // News
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At the end of November, the TeachMePlease project team started the presale of DSCP tokens for Disciplina - a platform for the educational and recruiting spheres.

TeachMePleaseis a service that provides the conditions for efficient and effective cooperation between academic institutions, private tutors, and their students. This is a well-functioning international marketplace, which allows users to post information about the courses, search for lessons according to their interests, pay and enroll in courses online.

The main task for project authors is to transform the project into a fully-featured service with convenient tools for its users. To solve this task, the TeachMePlease team is going to implement blockchain technology, which guarantees not only the credibility of learning results, but also the confidentiality of personal and commercial data stored on the platform.

The current blockchain solutions either involve a public manner of data retention, or cannot provide the transparency of the stored data. Thus we decided to create our own blockchain platform for projects in educational and recruiting spheres.

Disciplina will have both private and public parts. The private part will only make the hash of the stored information, and not the private data, available to the public. The public part will provide access to the data that is required to confirm the integrity of the network and the credibility of the information stored on it.

The implementation of the Disciplina project in the form of a blockchain platform means its decentralization. Consequently, the work of the network will depend on the community rather than the central organization. To provide the following scenario of project development, the volume of the tokens in open sale will be limited to 33,33%. The remaining 66,67% of the tokens will be sent to the technical pool distributed among the group of holders independent from TeachMePlease.

To support the network, it is planned to use PoS-minting instead of classical PoW-mining. The use of PoS-minting means that any productive activity of ecosystem participants will be aimed at the processing of current transactions and the maintenance of network efficiency. It will be done as follows:

-         The participants will provide disk space for the storage of information;

-         The validity of blocks within the private blockchains will be confirmed by the participants called Witnesses. The Witnesses will manage the public chain of blocks that will record the hash created within each educational institution. To confirm the validity of the blocks witnesses will use a consensus algorithm. Thus the permanence of the data stored in the private chains is guaranteed.

-         The participants called Archivers will store the search index and control recruiter access to the information in private block chains of all educational institutions.

-         The processing of financial transactions will be done by ecosystem participants themselves.

The architecture of the platform is developed considering the needs of all educational market participants. Each of them has particular problems that can be solved by Disciplina.

Problems faced by the educational institutions:

-         Keeping paper records of student academic achievements puts additional strain on teachers;

-         Storing the paper versions of documents in archives of the educational institutions runs the risk of their loss;

-         The offline format of such documents decreases the probability of their frequent use.

Disciplina Solutions:

-         Allocation of grades can be made either on paper with the subsequent recording of grades into the system, or through e-testing with an automatic uploading of the results;

-         Storing the data on the Disciplina network runs no risk of information loss, and allows users to locate the data they need very quickly;

-         There will be an opportunity to monetise the archived data on student academic achievement and qualifications due to its provision to recruiters;

Students' problems:

-         Employers’ lack of trust in the academic qualifications of graduates;

-         High risk of paper document loss;

-         The fragmentary nature of the data on academic achievement that is stored in different educational institutions and has different forms of recording;

Disciplina Solutions:

-         Blockchain technology guarantees the credibility, integrity and permanence of the data stored on the platform;

-         Academic history becomes transparent;

-         The data is stored in a distributed network and available in user personal profile;

-         There is no risk of information loss;

-         Academic history will be stored in one place in a form of a CV.

Recruiters' problems:

-         The lack of trust in the academic qualifications of candidates;

-         The difficulty in searching for specialists with required qualifications;

Disciplina Solutions:

-         The guarantee of the credibility, integrity and permanence of the data stored on the platform through the implementation of blockchain technology;

-         The effective algorithm of candidate search by their fields of expertise and specialty will allow the recruiter to narrow the search down to the required specialists;

The Disciplina blockchain platform unites students, educational institutions (including private tutors), employers, and recruiters. In the educational ecosystem, Disciplina plays the role of a distributed transaction database that stores the information on student academic achievement and provides the credibility of this information. The platform will be accessed through user apps. Each of these apps is a different project with its own interface, which uses one particular segment of the platform.

Disciplina is an open-source platform, and thus can be used as a basis for app development by anyone.

TeachMePlease will be the first project created on the Disciplina platform.

TeachMePlease will provide:

 •   teachers with the tools for effective communication with students and course plan organisation, as well as educational program templates;

 •   students with career guidance, tools for efficient communication with teachers, interactive scheduling etc.

 •   motivation through progress bars and level completion bonuses;

 •   knowledge testing in the mobile app with the built-in examination system and automatic grading;

 •   employers with express candidate rating system (providing a scoring grade).

The main payment tool on the platform will be the DSCP token together with a smaller payment unit named Logic.

The services that integrate the Disciplina blockchain platform into their technological processes will also use the DSCP tokens as a tool for mutual settlements.

TeachMePlease and Cryptopay will issue co-branding plastic debit cards with automatic DSCP tokens to fiat money conversion. Users can control their accounts through their personal profile or through the mobile app.

TeachMePlease project was launched in July 2016. The TeachMePlease team is working on the development of platform architecture in partnership with Serokell – an international developer of blockchain systems.

The team believes in the possibility of qualitative changes on the market of educational services and its related areas through the use of blockchain platform. Other projects will truly appreciate its options and start using Disciplina to solve their tasks.

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