Dether Announces First Decentralized Fiat to Cryptocurrency Marketplace Mobile App

May 31, 2018 at 07:12 // News
Dether announces mobile app

Dether is set to release the world’s first decentralized fiat to cryptocurrency marketplace in June 2018. This is set to give power back to the users who have a smartphone, able to utilize these mobile devices to buy and sell cryptocurrency for cash and spend it in high street retailers.

The Dether goal is to give the power back to the spender, specifically the unbanked population. The platform will enable users to access their cryptocurrency wherever they are as long as they have a mobile signal. Dether is building a global umbrella for crypto buyers, sellers and physical stores willing to trade crypto for fiat cash and also accept it as a means of payment. All third parties are void when using the Dether platform.

Cash-In and Cash-Out

Purchasing any cryptocurrency can be an arduous task, facing a new T&C or Protocol at every corner. These Crypto and Fiat currency barriers are about to become a thing of the past, the need for a bank account, and certain geographical limitations. Enthusiasts are often found left on the sideline, not able to spend any of their crypto-assets, if their national currency is not traded on any major exchange or if they don't have a bank account or passport, leaving the world of dApps inaccessible.  

Dether’s beta released on the Ethereum test net in March 2018, this enabled users worldwide to test the platform and its main features. With Dethers mobile app being released as early as June 2018, anyone will be able to use his or her mobile phone to connect with crypto sellers locally using the Dether map feature.

The team is set on building a fully decentralized cash-in and cash-out marketplace, meaning no central party can ever have any control over the user’s accounts, funds, or conversations. Dether does no hold funds, each user will have his own private key, which can be located in the application. Conversations are completely decentralized and entirely decentralized and are End to End encrypted. Users will also have a reputation system, this will be based on the user’s number of trades and volumes, this allows buyers to know that he is selling to reputable vendors.

A Mobile ATM

The Dether mission is to hold both individuals interested in buying and selling cryptocurrency for fiat currency, and physical shops willing to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment as a top priority. 

Dether and MakerDAO, creators of the Dai stable token, have partnered to bring liquidity to the stable token. Giving retailers and individuals worldwide trust in the platform. By further pushing the limits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency adoption, the company is enabling any individual or shop owner to easily make payments from any cryptocurrency stabilized against the value of the USD.

A Global Ecosystem

Dether recently held a successful token sale, which drew to a close in February, 2018, Dether released “Dether for Shops” on the ethereum mainnet, this allowed retailers to stake DTH the platforms native token in order to be listed on the Dether map and broadcast out onto the marketplace, also accepting cryptocurrency.

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