Decentralizing The Freelance Sector: ConnectJob Enters Token Generation Event

Feb 28, 2018 at 12:42 // News
ConnectJob enters TGE

The internet was a game changer in the early 90s. With the ability to reach any part of the world from the comfort of a chair, endless possibilities opened up. People were quick to catch up on advertisement advantages and job posting boards. Over the years, with the public adaptation of remote working styles, the freelance industry kicked off. The ability to list skills and get hired to do one time jobs (gigs) changed how people worked.

This gave flexibility to both employers, who were happy to outsource small scaled or one time work without the need to hire full time employees; and freelancers, who could decide and control the kind of work they would like to do. Websites like Elance, the precursor to Upwork, and Fiverr have fueled the freelancing industry, and the sector now amounts to nearly $900,000,000,000.

Issues With Current Models

The current model of freelancing gives users assurance that earning is made easy - but ask any freelancer and they will tell of the nightmares they have to endure. These issues include:

  • Bias: Platforms earn from commissions on transactions and since the buyers pay, their word has more weight in a dispute.

  • High Commission: Sometimes as high as 20%, eating into a freelancer’s earning.

  • Slow Money Transfer: Current platforms use traditional banking methods, leading to long fund clearance times.


ConnectJob: Walking The Decentralized Path

ConnectJob is a startup that knows the importance of Blockchain technology - in the modern remote working sector that is majorly made up of freelancers, the decentralized platform gives many advantages over the traditional ones. As a Blockchain-based system, it will allow its customers (clients and freelancers) to connect directly, agree on the work, assign value to it, execute and transact the value without the need of a third party.

ConnectJob takes advantage of smart contracts, allowing its users to set up a schedule of payments that will be executed automatically when certain milestones are achieved. As a decentralized entity, the transactions will be based on the Blockchain, allowing near instantaneous transfer of funds with minimal transaction costs.

The reputation and rating system allows for both buyers and sellers to assess each other before agreeing to start work, and the unhackable nature of Blockchain ensures that these ratings cannot be changed deliberately/maliciously. Set up as a market disruption, ConnectJob offers everything that a buyer and a seller would crave for in the current market.

CJT, a Token for Decentralized Freelancers

As a Blockchain platform based on the Ethereum network, the network uses its own native ERC20 compatible token, CJT, to make transactions. The platforms supports other cryptos as well but with CJT, users get a 10% discount on all services, including VIP and Premium services.

The main token generation event went live on 12 February and there are 131,760,000 CJT available for investors. The TGE will run till the end of April. Current exchange rate of 1 ETH = 2400 CJT with a 12% discount that will drop after every two weeks, early backers can pay with Ethereum or fiat.

More information is available at:

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