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Feb 22, 2018 at 14:00 // News
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 New way to earn on your website with CoinIMP

ABC Hosting Ltd is a leading hosting company that provides high-quality services to millions of happy customers around the world. Its professional team decides to introduce a new cryptocurrency project creating a new way to gain profit from websites traffic. That is the time for CoinIMP to be born.

CoinIMP provides a JavaScript miner which can monetize a website using visitors’ CPU power while they browse its content. In contrast to many other services, this miner poses several distinctive features which make using it extremely profitable for webmasters.

Let’s talk about most prominent advantages and features of CoinIMP:

  • 1% fee

CoinIMP takes just 1% fee. The service doesn’t have any hidden payments. However, Monero Network obliges users to pay a network fee for any transaction, yet the total of both sums (CoinIMP’s and Monero Network’s one) is extremely low compared to other similar JavaScript mining providers. The service allows to withdraw funds with a payout of 0.1 XMR, this limit too is one of the lowest amongst other services.

  • The Referral Program

It’s very easy to compensate the fee using the Referral Program. This feature is meant to inspire people to share information about CoinIMP’s services. By following this program user is guaranteed to get 1% of earnings of every newly registered person who was invited with a personal URL. This 1% is paid exclusively by CoinIMP which makes it beneficial for both sides referrer and referral.

  • The website is user-friendly

            A user doesn’t necessarily have to be an experienced webmaster to start monetizing a website right away. All one needs is to embed the javascript mining script into it by following these simple steps:

  • Register a new account on;
  • Choose the limit of CPU usage to generate a needed code;
  • Copy this code into the website’s code;
  • The user has just started earning. He can track mining statistics easily from the dashboard.

After that, every visitor of a web page will mine Monero using his CPU capabilities. Such “owner-visitor” interaction makes both sides happy when a visitor enjoys quality content for free and the owner gets rewarded for his hard work on content creation.

  • 24/7 Technical support


CoinIMP’s support team does its best to meet each customer request with expertise, accuracy, and carefulness. Service provides 24/7 support through a number of channels:

- Live chat;

- Support mailbox;

- Facebook page.

In the near future, CoinIMP’s team is going to release a new solution which promises to change advertisement market as a whole. The main idea is to reduce the cost of promotions for the advertisers and at the same time increase earnings for webmasters. Every team member relentlessly works to present this solution in its best form hoping that it will be profitable for both sides and even for the visitors who can expect the advertisements of better quality.


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