Coinidol Experts' Club Membership a Stairway to the Runway of Mass Media Stars

Jul 06, 2020 at 15:01
Coin Idol, the world blockchain news outlet, has launched a new project called "Coinidol Expert Club", that will help new names to rise among well-known world experts in the field of Blockchain, Bitcoin and Financial technologies. The names of experts, that enter the club, will become popular among the readers from 174 countries of the world that visit 1 million times per month. The best members of Coinidol Expert Club will be quoted by authors of editorial articles on Coinidol. as the world news magazine usually quotes prominent members in articles and refuses the small players a chance to get on the pages of the world blockchain news outlet. But this club is your chance to enter the closed club of experts, quoted by world magazines together with Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin and inheritors of Satoshi Nakamoto, the leaders of Bitcoin Foundation.

We keep our ethics. That's why we do not change anything in our official editorial policy. We refuse publication of any advertising inside editorial articles. If you want to publish any advertising, the only way to do that is to order an official sponsored article, marked with the disclaimer "paid advertising".

What kind of quote opportunities will be available for members of the closed club of experts at

We will have a competition of minds and ideas inside the club. Only the best ideas and quotes, provided by members of the club will be published. Editors will check and approve every quote, choosing the best ideas to be used in the article. We will delete any promotional words from quotes and refuse membership for those who violate these rules. We consider reputation and trust more important than money.

If the quote of an experts' club member is approved by the editor of Coinidol and goes to the publication, it is signed by a list of regalia, including personal name (1), personal photo (2), brand name (3), brand logo (4), brand website URL (5), special presentation of competencies of the expert with proofs (6).
The publication of this regalia is the main source of growing popularity for all experts. If they enter the club and show their competencies there, they can feature on up to 10 articles per month with their quotes.

Membership in Coinidol Experts' club is a paid privilege. Write to the editorial address of to know more.

Nota bene

Not all candidates can enter the club. We are still fighting with scammers. If you want to chat with the editorial team to present yourself as a potential member of the closed club, you can enter "Chat for Partners":, the world blockchain news outlet, has up to 1 millions of views from readers per month, according to report of SimilarWeb:

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