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Unfortunately, at this point of market development, traditional mining requires considerable expenditures in order to be profitable, thus losing its attractiveness for the regular user.

As bitcoin price surged above $11,000, hitting its highest level since March 5, 2018, it’s probably time to realize the inevitability of digital currency. The best way to get it is obviously to extract it. Unfortunately, at this point of market development, traditional mining requires considerable expenditures in order to be profitable, thus losing its attractiveness for the regular user. In the meantime, cloud mining steps onto the scene to propose convenient and secure methods of obtaining the same value while making minimum efforts.

What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud mining is the form of acquiring digital currency by renting or buying the mining capacity of hardware in a remote data center. It is usually more efficient for the user as opposed to traditional mining, as there is absolutely no physical equipment required. It allows users to earn coins without dealing with software, hardware, bandwidth, electricity, and other offline challenges.  

Transparent Cloud Mining Provider is a multifunctional cloud mining service for BTC and LTC, launched on February 14, 2018. The headquarters of CryptoUniverse is located in Tallinn, Estonia, so all processes are managed in accordance with all legal and financial standards of the European Union. An additional office is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. In Russia, there are two data centers (Leningrad and Irkutsk regions) together with technical partners and 7 representative offices in major cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk. The company is heavily represented in Siberian regions, due to the suitable climate and affordable electricity rates.


CryptoUniverse team at grand opening of data center.

The main idea behind ​​the project is to give people the opportunity to easily, quickly and clearly obtain, receive, and own cryptocurrency. One of the most important aspects of the work of CryptoUniverse is the absolute transparency of the cloud mining service for customers.  

The company consists of four legal entities, with a share capital of $160,000 on each firm, amounting to a total of $640,000. That speaks of their solid risk management policy and willingness to be responsible if something goes wrong.

The Facilities

The main advantage of the data centers is their cheap electricity access. CryptoUniverse always aims to obtain the best possible rates for kW/h in their operating regions. Its 20 MW facility in Kirishi, Leningrad region, Russia with more than 12,000 ASIC miners is located in close proximity to a powerhouse. That allows the company to base their contracts on the lowest electricity price in the country because of the very lucrative long-term contract for the supply of the necessary electricity with the Leningrad region government. The company owns the land under the building and the building itself. Hence any rental issues are irrelevant. The facility was constructed in accordance with the highest standards of industrial safety, to protect themselves from any force majors.


CryptoUniverse data center in Kirishi, Russia. Photo illustrates one of three floors.

The company is planning on undertaking the Siberian region. There is another one facility under construction which will be using all the advantages of climate and legislation of that region. It is planned to be launched in the middle of July 2019 and is capable of accommodating 67,000 miners. Due to a close location to several water-power plants, the facility will benefit from one of the lowest electricity tariffs in the world.

Cloud Mining Economics with CryptoUniverse

CryptoUniverse offers a wide range of contracts with income generated in Bitcoin or Litecoin as the most stable cryptos. There are options available for every budget. 

  • Standard rates, with a different starting minimum contribution volume, with the ability to choose the number of hashrate to buy, or with a fixed hashrate value. The longer the term of the contract - the longer the period of receiving the income, and the price of the tariff is usually higher, but the service fee is lower. The minimum entry starts at nearly $50 on both currencies.
  • "VIP" rates. This is a variation of the standard fares - but with a lower price and service charge, which makes it as profitable as possible.
  • Tariff "2025". The validity of this contract is up to January 1st, 2025. For professionals in the field of long-term investment. A feature of this contract is that it can be put up for sale using the option “Hash Rate Auction”, which is not available for other types of tariffs.

There are cashbacks available on different options from time to time, so it is important to check the website regularly to be aware of the juiciest offers.

Mining Equipment Purchase

If renting the mining capacity is too petty for you, CryptoUniverse offers an opportunity to purchase not just a certain amount of hashrate, but one of the presented models of popular miners from various manufacturers and install it right at the facility. Such practice eliminates a lot of issues such as complexities with delivery, difficulties with customs clearance, maintenance issues, risks associated with overheating.


CryptoUniverse miners in Kirishi, Russia.

CryptoUniverse entered into partnership agreements with major manufacturers of mining equipment in the world, including Bitmain and Canaan, with Innosilicon joining in the nearest future. The company is constantly updating the line. For instance, in May, along with the already well-established Antminers from Bitmain, the company expanded its range with new miners from Canaan, namely: AvalonMiner 852, AvalonMiner 911, AvalonMiner 1041F, AvalonMiner 1041. The purchase of a physical unit of equipment allows the investor to return a part of the invested funds by reselling the miner after the expiration of the hosting contract. With the growth of the cryptocurrency rate, the market price for professional mining equipment tends to rise. The validity of the contract is also calculated up to the 1st of January 2025.

CryptoUniverse Acquiring Services Partnership

A new advantage of the CryptoUniverse’ services is the convenience of payments with Visa and Mastercard cards and the ability to pay on the invoice through the international SWIFT system and the European SEPA system to the IBAN current account.

CryptoUniverse began its partnership with CONNECTUM - a company that provides acquiring services. The new partnership will make the process of paying for CryptoUniverse' services with Visa and Mastercard cards easier than ever. CONNECTUM brand was created in 2014 and became the authorized UK based Payment Institution regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, with cross-board to the European Union, which guarantees reliability and high quality of its services. 

The Conclusion

CryptoUniverse is a real project with real equipment and real deals with electricity providers where everyone can become a member and experience high profitability from cloud mining. The company willingly shares their team’s contacts, and every person who is considering purchasing the contract can arrange a meeting and visit the company’s data center. CryptoUniverse does not stop evolving and plans to introduce several options which are not present in any other cloud mining provider such as shared contracts, so people could split the expenses and purchase more miners and larger hashrate quantities more profitably and hashrate exchange where the client can sell his contract before its termination.

Consider yourself a well-connected person? Turn your contacts into additional earnings by joining the company’s referral program, which is very plain and simple. All you need to do is register on the website, get a referral link, and you will receive up to 10 percent from the total amount deposited by every partner who uses the referral link to register.

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