Citigroup Has Started Headhunting Bitcoin Pros to Join Its AML Group

Apr 21, 2018 at 11:55 // News
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Citigroup headhunting bitcoin pros

Given the risks associated with money laundering, one of the largest companies on the American financial market, Citigroup, has decided to hire a couple of cryptocurrency-educated workers. Potential candidates possessing a so-called Bitcoin Professional Certification (BPC) are of greater preference.

The senior vice president "will support the Global Head of AML Monitoring Risk Management-Emerging Risk by identifying, analyzing, and implementing AML transaction monitoring risk programs related to developments in cybersecurity, cryptocurrency and emerging payment technologies, products and methods," the job ad posted on LinkedIn said.

The financial-services giant is looking for a vice president and senior vice president to join its new fintech department that takes care of risks related to money laundering conducted with a help of bitcoin and various altcoins. A candidate for the position of a senior vice president needs to have “knowledge of cryptocurrency and bitcoin monitoring”. Besides, those who have a BPC will have more chances to get a job.

Indicating a superior level of knowledge in a certain field, a BPC is more valued by employers than a CPA (certified public accountant) or CFA (certified financial analyst). For obtaining a BPC, a student must complete a two-year course and pass a final test.

However, Ryan Taylor, the CEO of Dash Core, the company issuing the crypto-coin with the same name, said that those job ads were intentionally vague and Citigroup was unlikely to take risks deriving from virtual coins and the crypto market seriously.

"They are either identifying risk to eliminate certain profiles" or this could be a prerequisite to identifying new opportunities in the space at a later point, Taylor explained.

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