Charlotte-based GNEISS App Launches Alpha Version for Users

Jul 04, 2017 at 08:23 // News
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Newest Player in Blockchain Brings New Value to Crypto-Tokens, Smart Contracts & Economy  

Global Network Encryption Investment Security Service ( GNEISS) officially launches the Alpha version of their much-anticipated App to the public on Tuesday, July 4, 2017, America’s Independence Day. Founder Michael Morton is excited. "This July 4th launch will be revolutionary in that it not only give people the ability to create their own crypto-tokens and smart contracts, but also will allow for fiat currency tether pairs that allow anyone to trade just like Forex," he stated on a recent conference call.

GNEISS is a new player in the blockchain platform space, consciously crafting and adding unprecedented value and security for users. With its exchange platform, GNEISS users can create, transact, and destroy any crypto-asset or smart contract in a personal “E-Vault” utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. The GNEISS app is built to replace traditional dependency upon third-party market vendors (such as banks) for transactions and to provide a unique capacity for users to easily create crypto-assets of their choosing to trade in a digital marketplace via smart contracts.

Each GNEISS user who registers for the app via the website will have secure access to a private E-Vault. Although this is required by law to uphold any smart contracts made, the GNEISS app development team has gone to great measures to provide an added security measure.

The release of GNEISS’s Alpha version is radical. Starting on July 4, users will have the ability to create, send, and trade their own crypto-asset with the built in smart contracts of Privacy, Mint/Burn, Transaction and Interest Tax. Users will be able to trade a number of fiat currencies including: the U.S. Dollar (USDT), the Euro (EURT), Chinese Yuan (CNYT), Great Britain Pound (GBPT), Canadian Dollar (CADT), and the Australian Dollar (AUDT).

This Alpha version makes GNEISS’s exciting future even more possible. Secured, smart contracts, including (but not limited to) derivatives, insurance and loans are in the process of completion as are DAOs. As well, a decentralized mobile app is set for completion by the end of 2017. It is reported that a Beta version will be available by the end of 2017, and then a full launch of the platform will happen in early 2018. All appropriate paperwork has been filed to list GNEISS on Poloneix; the company anticipates listing on that exchange in the next several weeks.

Morton is more excited as to how GNEISS will transform investing in what he calls a ‘trustless economy’. “GNEISS will revolutionize financial transactions between people as much as the internet changed the transmission of data,” he says. “It will bring into existence an open, free, and accessible market powered by blockchain technology which will put the power of Wall Street into people's hands - where it should be. Welcome to the GNEISS Revolution."


Unlock the power of the blockchain, and take control of your financial freedom. GNEISS is the first peer-to-peer blockchain platform that allows the creation of any financial contract middleman-free by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. GNEISS can do everything financial marketplaces can do - only better, cheaper, faster, peer-to-peer, and more efficiently. Welcome to the GNEISS Revolution. For more information, please visit

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