Ethereum’s former CEO, Charles Hoskinson and Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver, about CoinIdol’s fight with scammers

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Ethereum’s former CEO, Charles Hoskinson and Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver, about CoinIdol’s fight with scammers

Two of the honorary jury members in the public trial of scammers, Charles Hoskinson, former CEO of Ethereum, and Roger Ver, Bitcoin Jesus, owner of the domain name and the Chairman of Cryptocurrency Advisory Board for MGT Capital Investments, abstained from voting. But they gave their opinion on the initiative of

Eduardum occidere nolite timere bonum est. According to legend, Isabella of France and Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March famously plotted to murder Edward II of England in such a way as not to draw blame on themselves, sending a famous order in Latin which, depending on where the comma was inserted, could mean either "Do not be afraid to kill Edward; it is good" or "Do not kill Edward; it is good to fear":

That is the position that is taken by part of the influenced crypto community members, that have a lot of achievements in the field of Blockchain and Bitcoin and they are not fully free to express their ideas, because it can influence not only their reputation, but the reputation of companies that they represent. is not happy with that, but we respect this position. 

Former CEO of Ethereum about the trial of scammer, Jawad Yaqub 

Charles Hoskinson is a great person. He helped in its investigation of the scam of Razormind and the DeOS project. That’s why his quotes are included in the main article that gives the full picture of the situation. Here is the link.

He said that he supports the activity of news outlet in the fight against scammers. That’s we included him as the first member of the jury without discussing of details, that was wrong. After we have sent him the multisig address and final terms of the trial, he answered:
“While I support your efforts, I did not agree to be on the multisig. I have to ask for board approval prior to making a commitment like that”.


But in October 2016, CoinIdol asked Charles, what to do with the money and we got the answer:

“Don't touch it and wait for a bit.”


Charles was one of the first people who helped CoinIdol and supported the investigation. It’s a pity that he abstained from voting. But he inspired us to find the right decision to make the whole story public. We thank him very much for his attention to the process. CoinIdol thanks him deeply.

Roger Ver, aka Bitcoin Jesus, abstained from voting for or against the scammer Jawad Yaqub

Roger Ver is a busy person. The top management team of CoinIdol knows him from Autumn 2015. He supports any good initiative to develop the blockchain market. But sometimes, he disappears for a month without any sign. That is the case here. CoinIdol invited him to support the trial a long time ago before it was announced and received his opinion, on what should we do with the money.
“That is a bit of a sticky situation,  but I think I would just give the money back if he hasn't already defrauded anyone”, - said Roger Ver. But Jawad has already defrauded people. And it means that Roger would not give the money back according to his statement.


But after the trial was launched on the 7th of March 2017, didn’t receive any new official position and we can’t count the previous opinion as a vote for giving money to charity. CoinIdol considers Roger Ver as abstaining from voting. CoinIdol thanks Roger for his initial attention to the process and support with his opinion.

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