BTCC Launches Its New Bitcoin To US Dollar Exchange

Nov 03, 2016 at 14:18 // News
Nina Lyon

BTCC, the company behind the largest and longest-running Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of its new BTC to US Dollar exchange.

The new BTCC BTC/USD exchange was designed in close collaboration with leading bitcoin traders and aims to become one of the most accessible Bitcoin exchanges ever, said Bobby Lee, chief executive officer of BTCC. He continues:

“We consolidated, crystallized, and applied customer feedback fr om our five years of operation to create the ideal exchange — one that is easy to use and access, with an intuitive interface that creates an effortless trading experience.”

Moreover, BTCC USD Exchange becomes the only bitcoin exchange that pays traders for adding liquidity to the order book, as it has chosen a maker-taker model instead of reducing fees for liquidity providers. This means that customers who place lim it orders that add to the bid or ask in the order book receive 0.05 percent of the order’s value.

"We are also working with Blockstream to test and deploy the Liquid sidechain, which will allow traders to move funds between BTCC and other participating exchanges instantly,” said Mikael Wang, chief technology officer of BTCC.


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