Why Brazil is Crazy for CriptoHub

Jun 12, 2018 at 09:05 // News
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Brazil is crazy for CriptoHub

With great deals, a top team and cutting edge tech, Brazil’s new crypto exchange is just what they need.

Cryptocurrencies have been around for a while now, long enough to make a mark in the international trading scenario; crypto exchanges are even being compared with their traditional counterparts, the regular financial exchanges. This is particularly so in the case of Brazil, the South American economy that has developed a unique liking for cryptocurrencies – so much so that the liking has morphed into a not-so-subtle obsession for the virtual currencies.

The demand for cryptocurrencies in Brazil is evident in many ways, with one such being that a major Sao Paulo institution has claimed to be the first in the country to launch a Masters programme in cryptocurrency, bringing cryptocurrency trading in Brazil to the mainstream of education and effectively formalising the industry. And there is good reason why this inherent affinity for crypto trading has also translated into craze for the brand new crypto exchange on the Brazilian horizon, CriptoHub.

CriptoHub, the Crypto Exchange Behemoth

The rising demand for cryptocurrency trading has not gone unnoticed by legislators, who are now taking positive steps to regulate the growing industry. In fact, the government has decided to embrace the underlying technology that runs cryptocurrencies, the Ethereum Blockchain, to solve Brazil’s electoral issues, making it easier for governments to record and store verifiable signatures for petitions.

In the background of insatiable demand for cryptocurrency trading in Brazil and the unquenchable thirst for reliable crypto exchanges, comes the CriptoHub, the exchange that is determined to make a difference to the status quo. CriptoHub has found novel ways of reaching out to prospective users of cryptocurrencies, banking on cutting edge technology and on its team of experts.

CriptoHub Fits the Needs of the Brazilian Market Like a Glove

One of the key selling points of CriptoHub is its strengths in technology – its management and operations team feature some of the best minds in web development. But that’s just one reason why Brazil is crazy about CriptoHub.

  • SEO at work: CriptoHub has taken to the Brazilian market like a fish to water, deploying its team of SEO experts and strategists to hit the ground running. They are connoisseurs of technology that have dealt with large-scale campaigns, spreading the word and letting the Brazilian investors know of the new exchange on the block.

  • Trade with a discount: CriptoHub is determined to make a mark in the enormous market, not just with its top notch services but also through its aggressive discounting programmes. Depending on the number of coins held, traders could look up to as much as 90% discounts on trades, making CriptoHub essentially irresistible for users.

  • Inherent reliability: There have been issues with current exchanges in Brazil due to their inconsistent standards, and incapacity to deal with the current demand for cryptocurrency trading in the Brazilian market. CriptoHub has worked around these issues by augmenting its strengths in trust and reliability – CriptoHub is 100% compliant with Brazilian legal and tax regulations. Furthermore, CriptoHub will have its accounts audited bi-annually by external auditors, giving proof of its commitment towards complete transparency and trustworthiness.

  • Unparalleled referral programme: CriptoHub features an intuitive inductor programme that identifies and rewards users for bringing in new investors. Existing investors are rewarded for their effort through native tokens from the exchange, providing ample encouragement and support to its virtual community of bloggers.

Advisors and Partners

CriptoHub’s expert management and leadership team is ably supported by a trusted array of partners who know the industry, its underlying technology, and the legal framework like the back of their hands. Their experience ranges from entrepreneurial start-ups to finance, legal and technology businesses.

Further information about CriptoHub, its operations, future plans and roadmap can be found at https://ico.criptohub.com.br.   

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