Hada DBank Advisor Robby Schwertner, How Blockchain will Impact Our World Podcast

Mar 13, 2018 at 10:53 // News
Blockchain will impact world podcast

Hada Dbank Advisor Robby Schwertner AKA Crypto Robby had a very warm welcome as Crypto Curios most recent Podcast, and spoke about one of his passions, Blockchain technology and how it is set to change the future, for the better.

Industry advisor Robby has recently spoke about his passion for blockchain technology and what changes he believes the future has in store. Using the technical advantage and innovation of the blockchain, Hada DBank being the world’s first digital Islamic bank and strives to provide the public with a fair and transparent risk and responsibility sharing.

As a beginner in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, users may often be at a loss on where to start. Many avid users will turn to articles, books, videos and the internet. Notably there are also many podcasts on Blockchain Technology, these podcasts are full of information, interviews and latest updates.

Crypto Robby on Crypto Curious

Speaking recently as a special guest on the Crypto Curios Podcast, Robby talked about his ongoing passion for blockchain technology. Speaking to the hosts James and Jeremy. Robby shared how 4 years ago he stumbled upon the paper by Satoshi Nakamoto on bitcoin and blockchain technology. With a background in real estate and energy, his first impression of blockchain is to assume that it’s a chain of building or houses; of course, that is most definitely not the case. Robby’s curiosity has gotten the better of him and he started digging deep in to what really was blockchain. And he loved it.

A wonderful technology Mr Schwertner commented, enabling the transfer of property and value instantly and securely. For example of this value includes money (cryptocurrencies), energy, intellectual properties. What this means is that the value transfer is an actual value and not on credit. CryptoRobby revealed that its a 50/50 reception from a bank.

As some banks are concerned about how the blockchain will impact their business, on the other side many are looking into adopting and implementing the technology within their banking platform and system. The blockchain is not going anywhere. Robby thinks adapting and shifting business focus is the way forward.

The ultimate passion and interest of blockchain for Robby is the ReturnOnSociety aspect. With blockchain enabling a wide array variable, such as the distribution of wealth, transparency, decentralization. Hada DBank focus on being one of the main service provider as a Limited Unbanked Account, this will help the unbanked population gain access to a bank account, to store and remit funds when needed. Hada DBank also does not impose interest and service fees to their customer.

Hada DBank advisor Crypto Robby went on to explain that the mismanagement and fraud that happened in the industry is not because of the technology itself, but the fault lies in the moral hazard that any industry suffers from. When asked if he thinks the Cryptocurrency aspect of blockchain will die down. Robby said that many people have been cautious of the volatility of cryptocurrencies.  

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