Blockchain Video Sharing Platform Set to Launch New VIU Token Smart Contact Address: November 1st

Oct 14, 2018 at 12:03 // PR
New VIU Token Smart Contact

Viuly announce its new smart contract address for the VIU token, to give the market a clear understanding of token statistics.

Blockchain video sharing platform Viuly has announced that it will be changing the smart contract address for the VIU token, to give the community a more realistic picture of the number of tokens in circulation and eliminate any remaining dead tokens from circulation.

Blockchain video sharing platform  Viuly is well known for passing on an ICO to offer their community one of the largest ever recorded Ethereum blockchain airdrops, back in December 2017. The distribution took place in December 2017, during which 500,000,000 VIU tokens were airdropped to over 900,000 Ethereum wallets.

The Airdrop was part of Viuly’s marketing campaign, which attracted a large number of new users, who successfully on-boarded on Viuly, whilst raising the VIU token to first position among other ETH20 tokens in terms of operations count.

Despite the success of the airdrop, a large part of distributed tokens was never used by inactive wallet owners, (due to lost private keys and other factors) and maybe never be retrieved. As a result, VIU token statistics, are inconsistent at best. This both gives out the wrong impression to prospective new interests, traders, exchanges and the crypto community.

New Viuly Smart Contract Address Coming November 1st, 2018

Due to these various issues,  Viuly has decided to change the smart contract address for the VIU token. The change will reveal realistic statistics information of VIU token and most importantly, eliminates dead tokens from circulation.

All VIU token holders can exchange their tokens to a new token via a page called SWAP on

The new token will keep the same name and same functions as the original VIU token. Existing VIU token will be canceled on the 1st November 2018.

Viuly is confident that this change will be very beneficial for the market as a whole, and urge all token holders to exchange their tokens before the deadline. Further instructions can be found on the official site

New Smart Contract

Instructions on how to change your tokens that are not held in platform wallet:

  1. Enable Metamask. Must be linked to your external wallet.
  2. Go to
  3. Input a total amount of VIU tokens you want to change to a new smart contract VIU token and click on ‘Make Allowance’ button
  4. Input an Ethereum wallet address where you want to receive your new VIU tokens (our system will automatically paste the address where you send the old tokens from but if you want to receive new tokens to your new wallet, it can be done by doing this step). Then click ‘Swap’ button.
  5. Done! You are now a proud owner of the new version of a VIU token!

NOTE: Tokens held on will be automatically changed to the new version on 1st of November 2018, and tokens that are kept outside of must be changed as per instruction above.

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