Blockchain Uplifts Digital Transformation in Italy

Nov 30, 2019 at 09:29 // News
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 The blockchain technology has great potential but it also presents great complexity

On the radar of the Digital Transformation (DT) Team there is also blockchain technology

 However, so far it expresses most of its strengths in scenarios that are not "central" for the Public Administration (PA). This is what emerged on the distributed ledger technology from the meeting between the Italian Minister for Innovation and Digitization Paola Pisano, the Digital Agenda Commissioner Luca Attias and the team leaders for the digital transformation.

A table organized to take stock of the state of implementation of the Digital Agenda in Italy with the closure of the commissioning experience and to understand to what extent the PA has so far managed to integrate the DT.

The blockchain technology has great potential - it emerged from the meeting - but it also presents great complexity, and therefore its introduction into the PA is to be evaluated with caution.

MISE Embraces Innovative Tech Including Blockchain

This does not mean that the digital team is committed to carefully considering possible applications in the PA, and that it has identified notarization as one of the most interesting and promising scenarios, to preserve an indelible and unalterable trace of documents or events during the course of their development. Even if within the DT team projects this technology has not yet found a way to be used in simplicity.  

 Furthermore, Michele Melchionda, Chief Information Officer of the Team for the DT explained that they were asked by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) to participate in the tables of the commission set up on these issues by the EU, and Italy is among the 24 countries that are part of the group of work.

This is a theme on which the Italian government is working with a secular approach, observing from those who come later and producing a greater push, to fully understand what the best prospects may be.

Will blockchain technology revolutionize public admin operations?

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