Blockchain Technology Applied to Ticketing Management in Italy

Jan 13, 2020 at 07:32 // News
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Ticketing sector is starting to exploit the potential of blockchain

Like other areas already widely explored, the ticketing sector is also starting to exploit the enormous potential deriving from the use of blockchain technology, with the aim of offering a renewed management approach that can demonstrate more efficiency, better usability, total reliability and wide guarantee of performance.

Blockchain Innovations at their Best

For instance, an Italian blockchain firm, at the request of some important customers active in the ticketing sector, decided to approach the theme in an organic and integrated way, with the aim of defining a blockchain application model for ticket sales and event management that is able not only to guarantee consistency with the management dynamics existing on complex ecosystems, but also produce substantial innovation in terms of data reliability, process efficiency and enabling of new functions for the various subjects active in the supply chain.

From this in-depth analysis, a solution that adopts distributed technologies to enable transparent and reliable ticketing ecosystems was developed, useful for preventing uncontrolled price increases and fraudulent mechanisms on the secondary market, and thus managing processes of issue, sale, distribution, exchange and validation of tickets faster, safer and more efficient.

The reliability of the information is guaranteed by the use of blockchain technology, which ensures data stability, protection and immutability, and therefore enables process automation and complete security on all operational phases. This results in the organization being able to manage advanced digitized tickets (or smart tickets), useful for ensuring high usability and considerable efficiency, through which to enable new management and distribution models, and thus protect organizers, retailers, promoters and buyers from risk of fraud or privacy violations.

Guaranteeing Maximum Reliability in Ticketing with Blockchain and DLT

The decentralized ticket management model, however, offers further benefits, including, allowing it to acquire big data on the entire supply chain and user use and thus favor more refined and efficient profiling processes in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards and in full integration with information systems, or by facilitating the management of direct communication initiatives and affiliated and direct marketing campaigns, discounts and coupons, membership cards and loyalty cards, combined and last-minute offers, guest-lists , consumer and seasonal passes.

Ultimately, the Italian blockchain company, has been able to create a complete decentralized framework able to guarantee not only maximum reliability and substantial innovation to the ticketing management sector, but at the same time total integration and interoperability with respect to technological models and management systems existing.

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