Blockchain Technology in Marketing: PlusCoin to Introduce Crypto Cashback

Jan 22, 2018 at 18:44 // News
PlusCoin introduces crypto cashback

Despite blockchain technology being heavily associated with its application in cryptocurrencies and digital tokenized markets, its true importance is in its seemingly unlimited capacity to provide innovative solutions to a broad range of complex issues across almost any industry existing.

Growing Demand for Marketing Solutions

Not least among these is the marketing sector, within which a slew of blockchain applications have sought to bring blockchain features such as cryptography and decentralization to help innovate the crowded and complicated sphere of marketing.

The early adopters targeted video and content marketing, looking to take advantage of these booming fields, while others took to the potential of artificial intelligence as applications in the field of predictive analytics. This led to projects such as Augur, AdEx, Santiment and VidRoll, among others.

Blockchain marketing solutions promoting the use of tokenized mechanisms by start ups such as Opporty and their OPP token showed that there was a lot of use in a tokenized market that could be participated in by both consumers and advertisers.

But the rise of blockchain-based applications belies the fact that blockchain innovations are already used by many companies and businesses to help create more efficient tools resulting in lower commercial operations. Nevertheless, the desired disruptions and revolutions touted have yet to realize. Simply put, blockchain technology has yet to bring about remarkable change or positive impact on the daily lives of people.

PlusCoin’s crypto cashback platform could be one of the few to do just this. It doesn’t require people to change their behaviors, simply providing them an actual working product that people can plug into and benefit instantly from. All the service does is make it more convenient, allowing global customers to enjoy the product through a mobile app.

Why a Crypto Cashback Service is Innovative

People shop online every day. This is a trend that is not just growing, but one that will soon completely replace the traditional method of buying things from a brick and mortar shop. Companies already know this and are shifting their advertising to online mediums.

What PlusCoin does is provide a blockchain-enabled platform for advertisers to reach out to online shoppers, while at the same time enabling customers to make their purchases in a decentralized manner. The added incentive for using PlusCoin is that shoppers would earn rewards for online purchases, in the shape of PlusCoin tokens. These tokens can then be collected and used by customers to make future purchases.

PlusCoin believes that by bridging together cryptocurrencies and traditional shopping, they can provide a way for instant cashback on purchases from merchants. This added incentive should on its own attract the maximum possible adopters, whether as users or merchant partners.

Realizing that simply creating a new cryptocurrency to reward users would not be sufficient to attract adoption, PlusCoin is also building other products on services on top of the Ethereum blockchain, which aim to support the conversion and sale of its tokens, while creating an entire marketing infrastructure that will benefit further growth and development of the sector.

PlusCoin is a Growing Ecosystem

Currently boasting over 1,500 partners, the PlusCoin platform aims to add even more companies to its membership, to join the likes of McDonald’s, Burger King, Reebok and Nike. Its DS Plus mobile app has already deployed the crypto cashback successfully, rewarding users with PlusCoin for purchasing goods and services from its partner merchants.

The potential for success of PlusCoin’s solution was apparent in the success of its public crowd funding campaign, which ran from September last year and concluded in December 2017, raising more than $4.7 million. Created by the DS Plus team and available through the DS Plus mobile app, PlusCoin is the decentralized solution for a crypto cashback service based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Visit the website to learn more about PlusCoin’s platform, or read the blog for insights into the field of online marketing. For more technical information, read the whitepaper.


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