A Cut Above the Rest: Blockchain Startup Brings Accessible Traditional Financial Services to the Crypto-World

Feb 24, 2018 at 13:42 // News
CoinMetro brings financial services to the crypto-world

Blockchain technologies are a hoard of emergent titans; their presence threatens to disrupt a vast number of the contemporary and more conventional industry forces currently at work in the modern era.

There are a number of outstanding examples of blockchain technologies that have working products, platforms or services that often provide singular, monotonous solutions to areas and industries that don’t really need them or can’t quite get their heads around the process of utilising these solutions to the best of their abilities.

Poorly Delivered Solutions

The premises and intentions of these blockchain technologies are all true of heart, they want to change the way we do business, live our lives or even access music; with good intentions, they all seem to miss some simple and important factors. For example, business solutions are quite isolationist to the general public, they have no real use for them, and there are heaps of business solutions available.

Secondly the issue of accessibility also stems from the vast array of exchanges and financial solution platforms that don’t offer versatile tools for a user who wishes to utilise their cryptocurrency as if they were using regular money, forgetting the relatively large cuts that exchanges and cryptocurrency vendors take throughout every single transaction.

Practicality is high on the demand list for a giant population of the cryptocurrency community, if we can actually easily access and utilise our crypto, without an intermediary that scoops high percentages and in a place that facilitates diverse crypto usage, adoptation will ensue..

Practicality, Accessibility, Delivery

A shining new example of this is CoinMetro; this titan is packing the power to push traditional financial products into the crypto market. With fast, accessible and versatile technologies, CoinMetro is bringing some of the most unique digital asset investment opportunities and disruptive features ever seen on a crypto platform.

For one, they have a feature called Atomic Swapping, this is a step toward further decentralization that has been a long time coming; Atomic Swapping uses time-locked smart contracts that behave as an escrow between two parties. Another is the stupendously small fees that are as low as 0.075% per transaction and CoinMetro has plans to take them even lower; being ahead of the industry with these low fees benefits traders of all types.

Paired with a maker commission-share will bring in institutional investors which adds to CoinMetro’s goal of being the first exchange to buy-in on regulation. Additional features include an ICO Express Platform, Wallet and Debit Cards, and much more.

CoinMetro Token Sale

Presently, CoinMetro just begun the sale for their token, COIN, which begun February 21st, 2018 and will end toward the end of March. CoinMetro are offering 300,000,000 COIN during the sale, after which all of their unsold tokens will be burnt in order to preserve token price. Token price currently sits at $0.15/COIN.

CoinMetro is perhaps the beginning of something quite profound for the crypto-world; the mentioned features above are only particular standouts that highlight an outstanding commitment to making crypto trading and investment and simple, profitable and enjoyable experience. With mass-adoption on the cards, CoinMetro are paving a way toward something quite special.

To find out more head to the CoinMetro Website and see for yourself.

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