Blockchain Sees Various Response Services to Coronavirus

Mar 11, 2020 at 12:32 // News
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Blockchain can help fighting coronavirus

With Coronavirus spreading around the world, innovative technologies including cryptocurrency and distributed ledger tools are being used to fight this enemy. In addition to management through the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT), blockchain companies are also trying to calm down the disease through service launches and donations.

Blockchain, which has the advantage of transparency, can act as a prescription in the face of growing public anxiety.

COVID19, which started in Wuhan, China, is rapidly becoming an international problem, spreading to China, Korea, and other parts of the world such as Italy, Iran, the United States, and Japan. Among these, the case of corona countermeasures using blockchain is emerging rapidly.

The characteristics of the DLT, which are transparent and cannot be altered or altered in information, appear to shine as the Corona 19 grows larger. In China, it is reported that data collection and monitoring results for infected people or infected areas are recorded and used on the DLT.

Prevention is Better than Cure

In Korea, there are voices saying that COVID19 confirmed that copper wire and inspection records should be recorded on the blockchain, so that anyone can check them and manage them in an environment that cannot be forged or altered. 

Indeed, in Korea, the DLT-based data platform has released the app that can self-check the corona19 confirmer and the user's own line. Using this app, you can automatically record your location and compare it with the confirmed person's travel path for quick and easy confirmation. In the future, local governments are also considering a plan to enter text-confirmed routes in cooperation with local governments. Another DLT company is expected to launch a DLT-based app that can track the status of corona patients and quarantines in March.

There are also ways to help victims. A DLT-based donation platform jointly developed by four institutions as a '2019 blockchain privately-led national project', launched an emergency fund-raising related to Corona19 to support victims.

Save a Life

The fundraising is aimed at providing medical staff with immunity-enhancing health supplements in Daegu city, South Korea and delivering KF94 masks to prevent cross-infection. All donation information, from donation to use, is recorded on the blockchain, allowing you to transparently track whether your donations are being used for your purpose.

There was also a service to find a hospital without the risk of corona infection. One Blockchain Medical SNS platform has added a service that informs Corona 19 dedicated hospitals and coronavirus safe hospitals because of the disease.

In some cases, blockchain companies donated directly. Cryptocurrency and fintech specialist Doomu, a cryptocurrency exchange Upbit, donated 500 million won in relief efforts to prevent the spread of COVID19. The amount will be used to supply daily necessities, hygiene products, and medical supplies for the residents of Coronavirus victims through the National Disaster Relief Association.

Let’s hope many people and medical staff who are struggling in the prolonged period of corona 19 proliferation can get some help through the aid.

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