Blockchain to Protect Made in Italy Project, MISE Says

Mar 09, 2019 at 14:42 // News
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The meeting on the Pilot Project to accelerate the use of Blockchain for the protection of Made in Italy will be conducted from Parlamentino hall of the MISE.

The meeting on the Pilot Project to accelerate the use of Blockchain for the protection of Made in Italy will be conducted from Parlamentino hall of the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) is scheduled for March 13, 2019. And it is precisely on this theme that the start of the Pilot Project promoted by MISE is focused to exploit the Blockchain technology for the creation of new forms of protection of Made in Italy.

The Pilot Project, assigned to IBM, offers a feasibility study which will establish a rudimentary model for the Made in Italy reference sectors, so as to fully understanding the advantages of Blockchain as for traceability of products along the supply chain, certification of consumer goods and their origin, prevent counterfeiting, provide origin for agrifood products ensure social and environmental sustainability of Made in Italy productions. 

The feasibility study begins with the educational workshop on the added value of Blockchain technology within the textile-clothing supply chain (with involvement of 26 companies), that will be followed by a phase of examination and design thinking with the identification, together with the firms, of precise cases to study some processes production to which the distributed ledger technology is to be applied, and lastly the comprehension of a study summarizing the feasibility circumstances for the supply chains industry based on the results of the investigation. 

26 Textile Companies will Participate   

The event will open at 11.00 A.M (Italian time) with the institutional involvements, especially that of the Undersecretary Andrea Cioffi, the Associations and speakers of IBM will come in later. The morning session of the workshop will end with a Question & Answer session for firms and with the conclusions given to Minister Luigi Di Maio and lawyer Marco Beauty.   

In the afternoon session, that will start at exactly 2:00 PM, the distributed ledger and its applications will be dealt with on the foundation of the key case studies.   

Recently, we highlighted on the important initiatives of the MISE on the establishment of two groups of high-level experts who are tasked to help the Government in defining a national strategy on blockchain, smart contract and artificial intelligence (AI).   

For blockchain technology and AI, investments are also strategically planned in the Budget Law 2019 (funds for Industry 4.0, cyber security, blockchain technology, AI and Internet of Things (IoT) and La blockchain in the budget law 2019) and many times was observed, particularly by Marco Bellezza, the Legal advisor for digital communications and innovation of the Minister of Economic Development.   

IBM promised to open its doors this month to enable experts in AI, DLT, cloud computing, IoT and other innovative technologies, as reported by Coinidol. The company wants to push the process of digital transformation of Italian systems.

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