Scientists Propose Using Blockchain In Dairy Products Industry

Jul 24, 2017 at 15:17 // News
Nina Lyon

Scientists from St. Petersburg, Russia, have created a new Blockchain-based system to protect dairy products from counterfeiting.

The scientists set a goal of creating a system using Blockchain technology, the implementation of which does not require large investments from enterprises. Thus, the additional security measures would not force buyers to overpay for the milk they are buying.

Researchers from the Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University say that, according to the data collected, the volume of milk produced in Russia is 40% less than the finished dairy products sold.

Dmitry Garanin, the head of the project, commented:

"Our development will hit manufacturers of counterfeit dairy products and will allow dislodging them from the market.” 

Moreover, the labels on packages do not always show reliable information about the possible presence of palm oil or other vegetable fats in the dairy product.

Dmitry Garanin continued:

“The buyer will have an opportunity to find out where and when milk was produced, as well as to find out the number of the car the then has taken to the dairy factory, what analyses were taken, what ingredients were added, and when each package of the product was finally released and got on sale in the shop.”

According to him, each package, box and pallet will receive a unique code, with which the buyer will be able to track all the production processes of the final product. Developers propose putting on the packaging an alphanumeric or QR code, which the consumer will read using a special app on their smartphone.

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