Blockchain, AI, and Medical Expertise: A Winning Combination for ICO Success

Jan 09, 2018 at 14:51 // News
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eHealth First is a digital platform for personal health and longevity management

You have probably read about a lot of cryptocurrency projects and ICOs. As a whole, this new way of getting funding - initial coin offerings - is changing the way companies are formed and start-ups grow into successful businesses.

Often, ICO projects have really great teams behind them. Some projects, however, have teams made up only of true experts. eHealth First ( is one of these projects.

What is eHealth First?

eHealth First is a digital platform for personal health and longevity management. It is built using blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies.

The platform consists of two applications:

The first is user-friendly mobile app and web portal mean to provide fast and easy diagnosis of common medical conditions. More broadly, the app gives users a broad picture of their health by guiding them through a preliminary diagnostic screening that includes a questionnaire, created using the principles of evidence-based medicine, and a number of measurements that track certain important indicators, such as biological age and frailty.

Based on this information, medical recommendations will be made with the help of AI algorithms that process vast databases of medical literature. Users will have the option to analyse specific body systems and additional diagnostic models, as well as seek laboratory tests and medical consultations through the app.

The second application is an open platform meant to be utilized by health professionals and software developers. At the core of the application is a database of medical literature, primarily concerning biomedicine. The app provides a way for physicians to quickly find the information they need to treat their patients or help in their research.

The app utilizes the most advanced in natural language processing technology and neural networks, and will be offered as an open platform so developers may create similar applications that apply to each and every medical speciality.

Medical, Blockchain, and AI Experts Unite to Improve Healthcare

eHealth First is a project that involves some serious technology. Luckily the team behind it is up to the task. It includes 17 outstanding professionals from 8 countries.

The CEO of the company, Dr. Nickolay Kryuchkov, is a physician entrepreneur with more than 11 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry in a senior management capacity. He is a well-published researcher in biomedicine and public health and has been contributing to the literature for over 20 years.  A qualified executive, he holds an MBA and has completed dozens of successful business projects.

CTO Denis Rysev is currently one of the top names in blockchain tech, having contributed in a a technical capacity to many successful ICOs, including SONM, Golos, Kolionovo, Runeuro, and NeuroDAO. Beyond just the blockchain, Denis has been working in software projects involving AI and game design for more than a decade.

EHF’s director of software development is Keith Comito, a top computer scientist and biotechnology expert based in New York City. He developed a number of high-profile applications, including HBO Now and MLB At bat.

The director of AI development is Dr. Eray Ozkural. A highly-esteemed expert in human-level AI, Ozkural was one of the main sources for Marvin Minsky’s bestselling book The Emotion Machine. He is the developer or inventor of a number of major innovations in AI, and in 2015 received the Kurzweil Best AGI Idea Award for his theoretical contributions to universal induction.

Advisors Dr. Arnold Minitski and Dr. Nick Guldemond are both top researchers who have literally “written the book” about their particular specialties. Advisor Aubrey De Grey is a public intellectual with a large media presence. His understanding of biomedicine, gerontology, and biotech has been essential so far in the conceptualization of the platform and in its ongoing development. His communication skills will surely make the project a success.

Dr. Daria Khaltourina completes the EHF’s executive board as director of public health and longevity programs. She is experienced in public health research and advocacy having participated in various projects handling relations with both the public and with government entities.

Your Chance to Invest is Now

eHealth First’s private placement event is currently taking place, and will end on February 17. Now is your chance to purchase EHF tokens at the lowest rate available.

The Pre-ICO is coming soon, set to begin on February 18th. Tokens will be available with a bonus of up to 40%.

For more information about the EHF project, its team, its use-cases, or the ICO, visit

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