Bitspawn: A Promising Esports Platform for Digital Athletes and Social Gamers

Sep 09, 2021 at 08:33 // News
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Bitspawn has formed collaborations with industry leaders

Bitspawn is a blockchain game system that was created for digital and social athletes. We offer cutting-edge event curating, player development tools, and analytics in the esports industry.

The company holds numerous top social media accounts with millions of daily followers and is supported by several 1 VC funds to construct the best platform.

Bitspawn has formed collaborations with industry leaders such as Black Dragon, SMO Capital, CSPADO, Trusted Capital, Revelation Fund, Farium Dext Force, Solana, and others since its beginning.

What’s special about Bitspawn?

Bitspawn provides an essentially new platform structured into decentralized protocols for participating in esports. The Bitspawn network is supported by the SPWN coin, a tool that serves to set up a competitive competition and Community awards market. 

Bitspawn is managed by a DAO structure, which is a blockchain-operated software that provides users with a built-in code management approach. Why is this important? The fact is that DAOs differ from the standard board, committee, and executive-managed corporations. DAO uses a set of rules defined in code that is enforced through a network of machines running common software, rather than being controlled by a limited group.

We have also created Bitspawn DeFi, which is a system that rewards users for providing liquidity in marketplaces. You can use and earn interest from Bitspawn DEFI in lending your NFTs to other players. DeFi’s main advantage is it represents a special system through which financial products are available on a decentralized network of public blockchains.

Bitspawn is based on Solana 

We are the only esport platform based on the Solana blockchain. The Solana system is a fourth-generation blockchain that sought to solve the problem of constructing a fast and scalable network without sacrificing security or decentralization. The protocol includes eight fundamental technologies that allow transactions to expand according to bandwidth, resulting in industry-leading transaction speeds and enterprise-level security.

What are our plans for the future?

To boost our sustainability, Bitspawn plans to implement proof-of-respawn (PoR), a smart contract method that will augment the network's proof-of-stake operation. PoR is a required component for creating and assessing token systems that reward participants for their efforts to Bitspawn's token-based community. PoR is a kind of token algorithm that promotes competition and progress among users. It can be built into current game APIs to bring incentives among players, developers, and brands to stimulate growth.

We will also create Bitspawn NFTs that allow digital objects to be exchanged for tangible products. The importance of NFTs lies in ensuring the ability to securely use a digital leader to value, buy and exchange digital items. They are based on the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies, but they are not a form of money.

Conclusion: why to choose Bitspawn?

We have described a summary of the main points of our current activity. The protocol of Bitspawn is aimed at enabling the two billion players worldwide to access new sources of revenue. Besides, we are constantly working to improve our services and try to select the best solutions on the market for our users. Bitspawn implements only time-tested and stable technologies that can improve customer experience and make esports available for everyone.


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