The Bitcoin Revolution App Has the Most Accurate Trading Predictions

Sep 24, 2019 at 08:13 // News
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Bitcoin Revolution App

Our recent analysis of available automated trading software in the cryptocurrency space revealed that the Bitcoin Revolution application shows over 73% accuracy in trading predictions. This puts the Bitcoin Revolution ahead of other software in the Bitcoin and crypto market.

Accuracy is important when you trade online in terms of selecting which asset to trade and when. Over time, a wide range of trading tools have been developed and introduced into the online trading space. With the birth of cryptocurrencies in 2009, a wide range of automated trading solutions were quickly developed and to date, you can find hundreds of options online. In a recent analysis of over 50 software solutions, we found that the Bitcoin Revolution trading application has the highest level of accuracy in terms of the trading signals it generates.

The Bitcoin Revolution is an automated trading software. It has been designed specifically for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets but it works well with other assets too, such as currency pairs. The software has been designed with an advanced trading algorithm that is able to quickly scan and analyze the financial markets. Once a trading opportunity is pinpointed, the automated functionality of the Bitcoin Revolution software ensures that a trade is entered into instantly. This speed and accuracy ensures that maximum profitability is achieved, while the risks of trading are reduced.

In trying to understand how the Bitcoin Revolution software is able to achieve an accuracy level of over 73% when it comes to its analysis, we make contact with one of the developers of the software. Steven Kline explained, “As a developer, I understood that in order to be able to meet the needs of online traders, we would have to ensure that the algorithm of the Bitcoin Revolution software is able to accurately analyze the markets and to act on the generated trading signals, instantly. We spent a long time finetuning the algorithm and once we saw that it was able to find profitable trades more than 80 percent of the time, we quickly understood the power of the software’s capabilities.”

The algorithm of the Bitcoin Revolution software uses the latest technology and programming. It operates at 0.01 seconds ahead of the markets and it is this time leap that enables the software to know when the market will move and when. To enhance its accuracy, the Bitcoin Revolution software developers designed the algorithm to be able to analyze huge amounts of historical data and to then compare this data to existing market conditions. Taking into account technical analysis and any major fundamental events that could potentially impact market movements, the Bitcoin Revolution software will only generate a trading signals once all required conditions are met.

Since market analysis is the core of successful trading, it is understandable why traders globally are using the Bitcoin Revolution. We made contact with some of its users and we found that despite the software’s ability to accurately scan the financial markets, users also liked the fact that the software was so user-friendly and also automated. As Lyn Graham, a single mom from Manchester explained, “As a single mom, every cent count but I definitely do not have the time to sit in front of my computer for hours. With the Bitcoin Revolution, you can simply set your preferred trading parameters so the software will trade based on your preferences including the amount to invest, the risk level etc.” Lyn went on to say, “I am really busy all the time with my children but the automated functionality of the Bitcoin Revolution software ensures that profitable trades are being made in my account, even while I sleep. There really is nothing better than this trading app.”

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About Bitcoin Revolution

As a leading automated trading software, the Bitcoin Revolution is able to quickly and accurately scan and analyze the financial markets to pinpoint potentially profitable trading opportunities in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. The algorithm has been designed to scan the markets with laser accuracy and with a time leap of 0.01 seconds. It is this time leap that enables the Bitcoin Revolution to generate trading signals with an accuracy level of over 73%. The automated functionality of the software also makes it user-friendly for both new and experienced traders. 


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