Why Bitcoin Traders Should Trade Traditional Markets On PrimeXBT

Jun 18, 2020 at 11:48 // News
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PrimeXBT caters to global traders

After many Bitcoin traders experienced financial markets for the first time, they came to love the thrill of the trade, and how it feels to book each profitable position and show success for their skills gained over the years.

But these days, Bitcoin traders are maturing into hungry sharks with an appetite for traditional markets that have recently caught fire with action and volatility. Although there are opportunities everywhere in traditional markets, oftentimes, however, these markets require significant capital or net worth, a lengthy approval process, and tons of personal information. 

PrimeXBT, the trading platform caters to global traders who can take advantage of CFDs for forex, commodities, stock indices, and cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin traders mature, turn toward traditional markets

Bitcoin traders chose the cryptocurrency asset class because of what it stands for and hope to continue to stack more Bitcoin and grow their holdings of the disruptive cryptocurrency and financial technology.

That’s exactly why they typically get started trading Bitcoin in the first place. Prices began to fall, and rather than simply hold and hope for the best, these traders wised up and moved to platforms like PrimeXBT that offer long and short portions to profit regardless of the direction of the market.

But now that they’ve honed their skills, they want to try trading stock indices, and the likes of oil, gold, and more. 

These markets are on absolute fire lately in terms of volatility and the opportunities abound. Nearly each week, a new record is broken for a sizable rally or historic crash, letting traders who dare to trade the volatility make a fortune in profits. 

And lucky for them, PrimeXBT accounts are denominated in BTC, so any winning trades in traditional markets book profits in more Bitcoin. This means that you could go short while S&P 500 trading, then go long on gold, and when you close your gains, your Bitcoin holdings increase. 

PrimeXBT Assets: stock indices, commodities, crypto, and all major FX trading pairs

PrimeXBT has all of the major forex currency trading pairs listed, alongside gold and silver. Major stock indices are also offered, as well as oil, natural gas, and cryptocurrencies.

Along with Bitcoin, crypto traders can take advantage of USD and BTC trading pairs with Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Traders can have multiple positions across multiple assets open at any given time, for the most profitable opportunities possible. 

Proper management of positions as part of a well-diversified portfolio can bring Bitcoin traders ample profits and success.

Top trading technology and tools for a stable and profitable experience 

PrimeXBT offers long and short positions, stop loss, and take profit orders and built-in charting tools. Technical analysis indicators are also included for a higher chance of profitability. Positions can be made directly from the chart itself for unmatched accuracy.

Tutorials are included in the help center to teach traders how to utilize the tools, and free demo accounts are available to try the platform out without risk. Registration is fast, easy, and takes just 60 seconds.

Bank-grade security protects users' funds and keeps the platform stable at all times. Up to 99.9% uptime is established through Cloudflare DDoS protection and a variety of other tools. 

Ultra-high liquidity means that orders execute fast, and without much slippage, so that you enter or exit when it matters most and at the price you want.

Additional ways bitcoin traders can earn more income 

On top of the many assets and powerful tools, PrimeXBT includes more ways for traders to earn income outside of trading alone. A four-level referral system can grow just a few referrals into a massive income-generating referral network.

First-tier referrals generate 20% in commissions on fees, while any second, third, and fourth level referrals the first tier bring in, also net the initial referrer another 15%, 10%, and 5% more. The referral system is easily one of the best across the entire finance industry.

If that wasn’t enough, a CPA offer and ambassador programs are offered to professional affiliate marketers, YouTube celebrities, influencers, and top traders with large followings.

PrimeXBT: the preferred global trading platform for global traders

The platform’s easy to use interface makes it simple for anyone to get started. 60-second registration means there’s little time required. 

24-7 customer service is available via live chat, and a company blog provides regular updates, while social media accounts interact with the community and offer giveaways and fun quizzes.  

The platform recently took home a number of Forex Awards and the ADVFN award for Best Bitcoin Margin Trading Platform.

Find out exactly why PrimeXBT was honored with such awards and why it’s the best platform for Bitcoin traders who want to stack more Bitcoin while trading forex currencies, stock indices, commodities, and crypto – all on one single platform.

Register to PrimeXBT today. 

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