Chief Designer Big Joe Releases His First NFT, Which Will Be Launched in Poly Xiamen Auction on September 22

Sep 21, 2021 at 10:30 // News
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The art combines fantasy style and designer trend

Chief Designer Big Joe, Way of Wade shoes department of LI-NING, announced that his first NFT work "Wizard Shop in ESSENCE" will be auctioned at Poly, Xiamen on September 22nd. The preview will be on September 20th, and the auction ends at 22:00 (UTC+8) on September 26th.

"Wizard Shop in ESSENCE" is an Ethereum-based NFT. The previous picture of “Way of Wade New Sneakers” post on Instagram by former NBA player Dwyane Wade can now be confirmed as the first design by the designer of the “Way of Wade” series. As the first NFT auction for a Chinese sports brand designer, “Wizard Shop in ESSENCE” breaks into the NFT dimension. It takes the top trend icon “ESSENCE” as its carrier.

New magical surrealist artwork

Visa Inc. has bought CryptoPunks 7610 with $150,000 USD as it enters into the world of NFT commerce. It’s cryptocurrency custody, Anchorage Digital, has facilitated the transaction and custody of the NFT to complete the investment. After that, when NBA player Stephen Curry bought a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for $180,000 USD worth of ETH, it sparked heated discussions in the crypto and basketball communities. In addition, several other NBA and NFL athletes have also purchased Bored Apes NFTs and other popular Ethereum-based NFT collectibles. NFT has completely swept the sports circle outside the crypto community.

As an NFT also issued in Ethereum, compared with the punk spirit of CryptoPunks and Boring Ape, "Wizard Shop in ESSENCE" combines fantasy style and designer trend insight. The work bears both the “upper ribbon” structure that incorporates the elements of vines and crystal balls and the artistic shape of lighted magic candles. All elements in this fantastic design reveal the huge magic world of future trends in the designer’s imagination.

“Here, you can easily get inexhaustible artistic ideas for all your gear needs, and you can even connect to the future via the animal face totem on the side of the shoe. The transformable widget on the shoe body, when unfolded, becomes a shop reception hall with door boy for high-order wizards only...”

Wizard Shop.jpg

Creating a new world

This is the Wizard Shop in ESSENCE created by Big Joe, which is also the future wizard world of surrealism imagined by Big Joe. This world, a seemingly virtual space independent of the real world, reflects and affects the real world with its powerful recognition of digital consciousness and art form based on multiple dimensions.

According to Non-fungible Q2 NFT report, the second quarter of 2021 has been another record breaker for the NFT industry. In the previous quarter, the total volume traded exceeded $500 million USD, but during this quarter the volume passed the $700 million USD mark. During this quarter there has also been a new record in the number of active wallets (+175,000), with the number of buyers and sellers still increasing. The number of buyers (+38%) is increasing faster than the number of sellers (+ 25%), which means that NFTs are attracting more interest than they are losing.

Under the trend of rapid growth in the global NFT market, as a new attempt by Designer Big Joe and the first NFT sneaker artwork of LI-NING, " Wizard Shop in ESSENCE" will be the forerunner of NFT art works, which will provide a new direction for the international art market and attract more attention from traditional industries. In the future, by virtue of the value extended in broader dimensions and richer forms, the phenomenal fashion art icons represented by the ESSENCE series will enable LI-NING to explore more possibilities of sports trends along with the advance of technology and the updates and iterations of the fashion trends.

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